Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 405

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Chapter 405: Only normal people (Part 2)

The third prince thought about it and knew that Bai Jin Yi was not simple as he also revealed a smile.  He wanted to talk, but there was a large sound that filled the hall.


A cauldron’s top was blown off and spiritual energy spread in all direction.  After the cauldron’s top hit the light cover, it bounced back to the ground.

This person’s pill had failed without a doubt.

This action attracted the attention of the people on the first and second floor.

Only most people were already expecting this and weren’t too surprised.

It was no wonder the alchemist test was so hard to pass, otherwise alchemists wouldn’t be that rare.

Song Lan Er looked at the candidate who had failed and her lips revealed a curl of disdain.  Coming to participate in the alchemist test with their strength, it was purely wasting time!

But when Song Lan Er was feeling proud, her expression changed.  The flames inside her cauldron began to violently shake!

Ye Yu Xi noticed the change with Song Lan Er and she revealed a smile.  Sometimes the higher one puts oneself, the greater the fall!


The cauldron shook, but there was no medicinal fragrance that came out as the material inside the cauldron turned to ashes.

There was no doubt that Song Lan Er had failed.

After Song Lan Er failed, the others also failed.  Some people directly refined their material into trash, not removing the impurities at all.  Some people couldn’t control their spiritual flames and they couldn’t refine anything. In short, there were all kinds of scenarios.

In comparison, Song Lan Er’s situation could be considered normal.  At least…..she had refined two herbs before that.


The third prince on the second floor saw this scene and revealed a faint smile to Bai Jin Yi beside him.

“It seems like it was as young master Bai expected.”

The third prince’s words had a trace of regret as he paid attention to Bai Jin Yi’s expression.

Only, on Bai Jin Yi’s handsome face were no ripples at all.  His lips slightly opened, “The third prince shouldn’t be here to watch these people take the test, right?”

After saying this, Bai Jin Yi looked around at the other filled special seats.  If it was a normal alchemist test, there wouldn’t be all these important people gathered here.

This was because…..the tests an Alchemist Guild in this small place could perform was at most for the second grade alchemist.  Normally, they would test first grade alchemists. Moreover…..the passing rate was low, so there were only one or two each year.

The third prince nodded and didn’t hid anything, “I won’t hide it from this young master, if it was a first grade alchemist test, it wouldn’t attract me.  I’m here today because I received the news that Ye Zhi Qiu wanted to take the second grade alchemist test. It’s said that the Alchemist Guild’s chairman Ye Hui would be here today.”

Second grade alchemist test?

Bai Jin Yi revealed a faint smile.  That little girl Ye Yu Xi was already at the level of a third grade alchemist.  If this news was spread, what kind of reaction would it cause in a small Ice Mist Country.

“Ye Hui?  What, is he normally rarely seen?”  Bai Jin Yi asked. It wasn’t that Bai Jin Yi was pretending, he really didn’t know……

For a small place like the Ice Mist Country, it normally couldn’t enter Bai Jin Yi’s eyes.

“Young master Bai doesn’t know?”  The third prince was a bit surprised.  Ye Hui was the Alchemist Guild’s chairman!  He was a first class person in the Ice Mist Country!

Bai Jin Yi nodded.

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