Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 404

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Chapter 404: Only normal people (Part 1)

It seemed like the Alchemist Guild’s foundation was not bad!

“Begin the test!”

After the light cover was raised, with this command, the people at the stations began refining.


Song Lan Er’s spiritual energy cycled and a faint yellow flame entered the cauldron.

Ye Yu Xi stood to the side and watched the people on stage.  It had to be said, among these five, Song Lan Er’s level was not bad.  At least….she gathered the spiritual energy flames on the first try.

Of the other four, two of them had red faces before they forced out the spiritual flames.  Only based on how thick it was, it was limited to being as strong as normal flames.

“Old Song, look at the five people on stage.  It seems like your family’s Lan Er has hopes of passing.”

Although most of the people watching were not alchemists, they were not fools either.  They still understood a few fundamental things about alchemy.

“He, he, that child Lan Er’s talent is still passable.  As for whether she can pass or not, it’ll depend on her luck this time.”  Song Yuan Dong was modest with his words, but everyone could see the pride on his face.

Ye Yu Xi watched Song Lan Er on stage and shook her head.  Just based on the fact she could condense spiritual energy flames, she was qualified to be an alchemist, but…..Song Lan Er’s gathered flames kept jumping up and down, fluctuating.  It wasn’t stable at all.

Ye Yu Xi who had refined pills several hundred times was deeply intuitive on this point.  The flame being unstable meant the temperature in the cauldron would suddenly jump up and down, which would affect the quality of the pill and could even lead it to failing.

After Song Lan Er injected her spiritual energy flame into the cauldron, she proudly looked at the two people beside her.

One of them still hadn’t gathered their spiritual energy flame.  As for the other, although they gathered their flame, looking at how they were covered in sweat, they probably wouldn’t pass the test.

Seeing this, the pride on Song Lan Er’s face became even stronger.  Casually grabbing a herb, she began to refine!

Ye Yu Xi saw Song Lan Er’s proud appearance and shook her head internally again.  This Song Lan Er’s mouth was fierce, but based on how she was refining this first herb, she would definitely fail this attempt!

Without any reason, Song Lan Er grabbed a Spirit Gathering Herb.  This Spirit Gathering Herb was used in many different grade one pills, but it was always refined right before the pill was formed…..


On the second floor, after Bai Jin Yi came to the special seats, he gave a simple greeting to the third prince before sitting there without making a sound.  His mental energy was silently released and it covered the seventh prince not far away.

“Young master Bai, of the five people on stage, which one do you think has a chance of passing?”  The third prince asked Bai Jin Yi beside him.

Through Mo Tian Chou’s report, the third prince felt that this Bai Jin Yi was not simple.  The third prince was even willing to guess that Bai Jin Yi was that person who wore that white dragon embroidered cloak back in Ningyuan City!

If he was……Bai Jin Yi openly provoked the authority of the royal family, not placing them in his eyes.

But in this moment, the third prince still needed Ye Yu Xi.  Even if that person was Bai Jin Yi, the third prince was not planning to chase this matter for now.

“Your highness is joking, I am just a normal person, how could I understand alchemy?”  Bai Jin Yi revealed a faint smile. Although his style was not diminished, he spoke in words with dual meanings.

At first glance, Bai Jin Yi was saying that he was a normal person and didn’t understand alchemy.

But analyzing it deeper, it was like saying the people on the stage didn’t understand alchemy at all and they were all embarrassing.

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