Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 402

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Chapter 402: Alchemist test (Part 2)

Around the hall, there were twenty people standing there.  Without an exception, each person was holding a token in their hands, it seemed like they were all here for the alchemist test.

“Yo!  I never thought that you were also here for the alchemist test!”

Song Lan Er looked around and saw Ye Yu Xi, coming over to taunt her.  When she spoke up, several people around them looked over.

Song Lan Er saw the people’s reactions and knew that this was not a place to cause trouble.  She gave a snort and said, “Humph! You are just a piece of trash, so even if you restored your talent, you will still be trash.  When it is time for the test, I will personally show you what is called a talent!”

After saying this, Song Lan Er spat at Ye Yu Xi’s feet before turning to leave.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at Song Lan Er who came to taunt her again.  She ignored her before because Ye Yu Xi felt that she wasn’t worthy of any attention!  However, when a fly kept bothering someone, one would think about whether they should slap the fly to death or not!

“Lan Er, what were you doing!”  A girl who seemed to be Song Lan Er’s friend saw her walk over and spoke up to ask her a question.

“It’s nothing.  I met a piece of trash who I have no idea how she came in, so I was angry seeing her.”  Song Lan Er snappily said as she thought of what happened at the entrance of the guild.

“Alright, alright!  Lan Er, you really need to change your temper.  With your talent, why are you concerned with normal people.”  That girl tried calming Song Lan Er down.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t place any thought on Song Lan Er.  After Song Lan Er left, Ye Yu Xi looked over this test area.

Not mentioning the five stations at the center, the second floor had a large hole in it.  On the second floor was a veranda and there were special seats prepared. It seemed like they were prepared for the large families and forces.

As for normal people, perhaps there wasn’t enough space, so they could only stand and watch.  Among these standing people was Song Lan Er’s father, Song Yuan Dong.

Naturally, Bai Jin Yi, Nangong Ying Xue, and Mu Xue Qing were also standing.  The three were allowed in because Ye Yu Xi was participating in the alchemist test.  Otherwise, with Bai Jin Yi “subtle” appearance, they definitely wouldn’t have been let in.

“Third highness, I’ve told you that Bai Jin Yi was over there.  Should I call him over?” Mo Tian Chou was sitting in the special seats with the third prince.  He looked at Bai Jin Yi standing in the open viewing area while whispering in the third prince’s ear.

The third prince looked in the direction Mo Tian Chou spoke of and raised a brow.  He also saw Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing over there.

“Tian Chou, the girl beside Bai Jin Yi and Nangong Ying Xue, do you know anything about her?”  The third prince looked at Mu Xue Qing and felt she was a bit familiar, but he couldn’t think of where he had seen her.

“Reporting to your highness, if I haven’t remembered incorrectly, that should be Mu Ju’s daughter, Mu Xue Qing.  Ye Yu Xi created a large mess in the Mu Manor and beat Ji Wu Liang all for this girl.” Mo Tian Chou reported the information he had collected.

The third prince nodded, “Since it’s like this, call all three of them over.”

Mo Tian Chou nodded and rose to leave.

“Young master Bai, miss Nangong, and miss Mu, I never thought I would see you all here.”  Mo Tian Chou walked over to Bai Jin Yi’s group and greeted them.

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