Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Can only use that method

Thinking about it, even the Beast Flame couldn’t hurt Long Xiao Pang, so how could a small silver needle penetrate Long Xiao Pang’s defenses?

“Eh…..I forgot your cultivation is a little weak.  We’ll talk about this in the future, let’s first save your little husband.”  Although the silver needle didn’t enter his arm, Long Xiao Pang was still very interested.

When Ye Yu Xi tried to stick the needle in, Long Xiao Pang had been watching her movements without even blinking.  The place Ye Yu Xi tried to stick her needle into was without a doubt definitely an acupuncture point!

Long Xiao Pang’s mood soared.  He never thought that this little girl still had a treasure!

“How do we save him?”  Ye Yu Xi was wiping Bai Jin Yi’s body while she asked this question.

Long Xiao Pang placed his little hand on Bai Jin Yi’s forehead and looked over Bai Jin Yi’s body.  Thinking about it, he muttered, “It seems like we can only use that method.”

“Little girl, have some people prepare a large wooden bath and fill it with hot water, enough for your little husband to soak in.  Remember, it has to be clean water and you can’t add anything.” Long Xiao Pang stressed this part.

“Un, and then?  What else needs to be done?”  Ye Yu Xi wasn’t foolish enough to think that a soak in warm water could heal his injuries, there had to be something else.

“Un…..I need you to refine some medicinal liquid to help wake your little husband’s body.”  Long Xiao Pang mysteriously said.

“Body?”  Ye Yu Xi was stunned, how could the body be awakened…..

“Un!”  Long Xiao Pang gave a solemn nod.  He found some pen and paper on the table and wrote down several herbs for Ye Yu Xi, “These are some basic herbs, you can use your cauldron to refine the medicinal liquid.”

Ye Yu Xi looked over the list and nodded.  They had all the things on the list, they weren’t anything rare, but this way of matching them was not commonly seen.

“Alright, we’ll talk about this after you finishing refining.”  Long Xiao Pang said this before entering Ye Yu Xi’s chaotic space.

Ye Yu Xi looked over the list and remembered the herbs in her heart.

There was already a large wooden tub for bathing inside Ye Yu Xi’s room, it was placed behind a screen.  She went out to have some people boil some more water.

“Dragon master!  Come out.” Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi on the bed and looked a bit awkward.

Long Xiao Pang slowly appeared and gave a yawn, “Ah~What is it?  You finished refining the medicinal liquid this quickly?”

“Can he, wear clothes…..”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice became even even smaller because Long Xiao Pang’s eyes were already a bit unkind…..

“Do you wear clothes when you take a bath!”  Long Xiao Pang rolled his eyes at Ye Yu Xi. He thought about it, “You don’t need to take off all of it.  The top half can be naked and you can leave the bottom half on, after all, the poison in his body is mainly concentrated on his top half.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  This was still acceptable.  If she had to take off all of it, it would be quite awkward…..

The clothes on Bai Jin Yi’s top half was taken off and he was placed in the large wooden tub.  Long Xiao Pang’s little body couldn’t do it and Ye Yu Xi didn’t plan on getting the other mercenaries to help, so she had to do it herself.  Naturally she couldn’t avoid physical contact during this time……

Pouring in the boiled water, Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi who only had his head exposed as she asked Long Xiao Pang, “Dragon master, is it alright just to leave him like this?”

“Un, just wait an hour or two.”

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