Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: Do you know how to seal acupuncture points?

“Ze, ze, those Poison Sect people are really ruthless.  Little girl, your little husband is in quite a bit of danger this time.”

Long Xiao Pang finished looking over Bai Jin Yi’s wounds and turned his head to tease Ye Yu Xi.

“Help me save him.”  Ye Yu Xi’s expression was cold, but there was a trace of worry in her voice.

Soaking the towel, Ye Yu Xi moved beside the bed to help Bai Jin Yi wipe his body.

“I only know a few more things than others.  Not to mention that I have the Nine Seals inside me and I’ve lost some of my life essence.  I can’t save your little husband even if I wanted to, hei, hei.”

Long Xiao Pang finished speaking and gave a laugh.  After laughing, his voice deliberately became a bit louder, “Although I can’t save him…..you can.”

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi stood up and her hand unconsciously tightened around the towel.  Her voice became a bit anxious, “How do I do it?”

“About this, don’t be in a rush.  First do your thing, I’ll tell you in a bit.”  Long Xiao Pang revealed a somewhat embarrassed smile.

Ye Yu Xi heard Long Xiao Pang’s words and her heart slowly fell back down.  For Long Xiao Pang to speak like this, it at least meant that Bai Jin Yi’s life was not in danger for now.  She turned back and helped Bai Jin Yi wipe his body.

Bai Jin Yi had been running the entire time, not having any time to rest and adding in the fact that he was heavily injured, his face and body were quite dirty.

Ye Yu Xi finished wiping Bai Jin Yi’s face and began to wipe Bai Jin Yi’s chest.  She reached out to take out the silver needles in Bai Jin Yi’s chest. These needles had no effect on Bai Jin Yi’s injuries, so there was no point leaving them in any longer.

As soon as she took out two and was prepared to take out a third one, she attracted Long Xiao Pang’s attention.

“Wait!  Little girl, you know how to use needles?”  Long Xiao Pang’s eyes suddenly popped out. He pushed aside Ye Yu Xi and moved beside the bed to look at the Bai Jin Yi’s chest.

“Un?  What, I know a but about it.  I just tried it with these needles, but they didn’t have any effect on his injuries at all.”  Ye Yu Xi was still holding a silver needle in her. Seeing Long Xiao Pang’s very serious expression, she felt it was very strange.

Long Xiao Pang stood beside the bed, looking at the seven-eight needles inside Bai Jin Yi, as the shock in his eyes became even stronger.  Finally, Long Xiao Pang finished looking at the position of every needle and there was a deep shock in his eyes. He suddenly looked up at Ye Yu Xi.

“Why do you know the Acupuncture Point Sealing Technique!”

Long Xiao Pang knew that Ye Yu Xi used needles to cure illnesses.  Back in Ningyuan City, when curing the poison of the City Lord, Long Xiao Pang already knew, but he didn’t care that much about it.  Back then, he thought that Ye Yu Xi had randomly placed a few needles for the City Lord’s wife.

Looking at it now, Ye Yu Xi definitely wasn’t randomly placing the needles!

“Acupuncture Point Sealing Technique?  What is it? You’re talking about needles sealing acupuncture points?”  Ye Yu Xi gradually understood what Long Xiao Pang was trying to say.

Acupuncture Point Sealing Technique.  The silver needles were also placed on the various acupuncture points of the body, could it be the two were related?

Long Xiao Pang blinked his little eyes, thinking about how to explain this matter to Ye Yu Xi.  After thinking for a few seconds, he reached out his little white arm.

He generously said, “Come, little girl, place a needle in me.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang with a strange gaze, but still did what Long Xiao Pang wanted.  The needle in her hand went into an irrelevant acupuncture poin on Long Xiao Pang’s arm.


Long Xiao Pang’s abnormal defensive power activated at this time.  The needle bent and couldn’t poke through Long Xiao Pang’s arm…..

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