Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Blood Asura Auction Hall

Passing the test of the Spirit Testing Stone, Ye Yu Xi led Qing’er into the auction’s main hall.

The Blood Asura Auction Hall’s main hall was even more luxurious than the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s main hall, looking very splendid.  The first floor was filled with rows of seats and the second floor was filled with private rooms for special guests to use.

When Ye Yu Xi came in, the auction hall was already half full.  At first glance it was a patch of darkness. There were many people that came in cloaks like Ye Yu Xi or were sitting there with masks on.  It seemed like they didn’t want others to know their identities, adding more to the mysteriousness of this auction.

Qing’er kept looking around to the side, it was clear that she was very curious about this place.  Her little head leaned close to Ye Yu Xi, “Young miss, look. The front row are filled with the powerful families of Ningyuan City, the Li Family, the Wang Family, and the others all came.”

“You shouldn’t talk later.”  Ye Yu Xi also looked around. When she saw the people coming in, her pupils slightly became larger.  It was actually Mo Tian Chou.

But Ye Yu Xi did not recognize the young master beside Mo Tian Chou.  However, he had an extraordinary aura around him, clearly not an ordinary person.

The light around them dimmed, only leaving enough light on the auction stage.

A middle aged auctioneer walked onto the stage.

“Various guests, the Blood Asura Auction Hall welcomes you all!  Today’s rules are the same as usual, the starting bid will be one hundred gold coins and raises cannot be less than fifty gold coins.”  While the middle aged man was talking, a cage the size of a person was carried onto the stage and it was covered in a black cloth.


The black cloth was pulled off by the auctioneer and thrown to the side.  There was actually a girl inside the cage! The girl was only wearing an apron and was curled up in a corner.

No one had expected the first lot to by this beautiful!  The hall was filled with whistles as dirty laughing sounded out.

The middle aged auctioneer was satisfied with everyone reaction as he said, “Everyone, this girl is a descendant of the destroyed Cloud Forest Kingdom’s royal family.  According to her status, she could be considered the Cloud Forest Kingdom’s princess and she is still a virgin! She has strength in the second spiritual level. The starting price will be two hundred gold coins!”

Hearing that this was the descendent of the royal family, the hall instantly filled with discussion.  However, although there was a lot of discussion, there were few people giving prices.

After all, the people that were here were all powerful people or people that had families.  Although this girl was the descendant of the royal family, her strength was low and other than her good looks, she did not have any other good parts about her.  She was not worth spending money on.

Finally, the auctioneer’s so called princess was bought by an old man for three hundred gold coins.

Very soon, a second cage was brought onto the stage and it was also covered in a black cloth.

Seeing this cage being carried onto the stage, there was less discussion in the hall.  This was because there was an unspoken rule in this auction that only five items would be sold each day.  The first one was just an appetizer and the second one would be where it truly began.

“Everyone, you must all be impatient from waiting.  The second lot is nicknamed Battle Wolf and has a strength in the sixth spiritual level.  The starting price is five thousand gold coins!” The auctioneer pulled off the black cloth and revealed a fierce looking large man covered in scars.


A strength in the sixth spiritual level was enough to shock everyone and enough to excite their hearts.  After all, once one’s strength reached the fifth spiritual layer, each level was incredibly hard to progress through.  The strength of most family’s heads did not pass the sixth or seventh spiritual level.

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