Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Strange breakthrough

“Damn!”  Looking at the finished pill inside the bronze cauldron, it was another white half finished product.

Ye Yu Xi felt she didn’t have enough spiritual energy, so she grabbed a handful of these newly refined “Purple Spirit Pills” and threw them into her mouth.  Waving a hand, a mass of spiritual energy turned into flames underneath the bronze cauldron.

Herbs one after the other were thrown into the cauldron and turned into spiritual liquid.  They were then refined, combined, and formed into pills.

As expected, with a flash of light, the pills in the cauldron were still white.

There must be something wrong!  Ye Yu Xi had tried refining over ten times in a row and although there was no failure, there was not a single time she truly succeeded!  These milky white pills, after Ye Yu Xi consumed them, she felt they only had a tenth of the usual Purple Spirit Pill’s medicinal energy.  This kind of pill was not easy to refine.

Without knowing it, it was already morning.

Putting these half finished pills into some white jade bottles, Ye Yu Xi cleared her mind and walked out of the chaotic space.

Ye Yu Xi sat on the bed with three white jade bottles containing pills beside her, each one containing ten pills.

It seemed like she could only ask an alchemist to take a look at this.  After refining several times, Ye Yu Xi could only attribute the problem to her own methods.  The recipe and materials were all correct. Having the chaotic space’s one hundred percent success rate, but only making only the lowest grade of pills made Ye Yu Xi very dissatisfied.

The thing Ye Yu Xi had the biggest headache about was where to find an alchemist!

“Master, master, I’m going out to play.”

“Un, go ahead.”  Ye Yu Xi unconsciously replied.

Wait a minute!  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes opened wide as she saw Huo Ling flapping his wings in front of her.  She couldn’t react for some time, “You, how did you come out?”

Huo Ling looked at Ye Yu Xi like he was looking at an idiot, “Master, you broke through when you were refining pills.  You don’t know, but I do know…..”

“Can you transform into a human form?”  Ye Yu Xi saw Huo Ling’s little bird form and felt that the little kid who liked to cry was cuter.

“My strength isn’t high enough, I can only take human form in the chaotic space.  I’m going out to play now.” Huo Ling was afraid Ye Yu Xi was going to ask him more questions, so he flapped his wings and flew out the window.

After Huo Ling flew out, Ye Yu Xi sat on the bed and silently felt her own strength.  Sure enough, the power within her meridiens and her body were several times stronger than before!  She had already broken through to the fifth spiritual level.

Others had to spend several decades before they could break through to the fifth spiritual level, but Ye Yu Xi had broken through so easily.  Just refining several pills was strangely enough for her to break through.

Ye Yu Yi walked out of the room.

“Young miss, do you want to eat breakfast?  Big sister Ye Man has already made breakfast.”  Qing’er was cleaning the yard. When she saw the young miss come out, she quickly ran over.

“No need, give these two bottles of pills to Ye Wen and Ye Man and have them take one a day.  Go and get the invitation and come with me.” Ye Yu Xi did not forget today’s important matter.

Passing through several streets.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er came to the entrance of the Blood Asura Auction Hall wearing black cloaks.

“Invitation!”  The guard at the door had a red mask, looking very mysterious.  His words did not contain any emotions at all.

Qing’er handed the invitation over.

The guard looked over the invitation before coldly saying, “Go to the Spirit Testing Stone to test your strength.”

Ye Yu Xi walked over beside the Spirit Testing Stone under the watchful gaze of the guard.

Qing’er suddenly tugged the corner of Ye Yu Xi’s clothes, “Young miss, look over there!”

Ye Yu Xi looked in the direction Qing’er was talking about and there was a group on the street that was being led Ye Xing Yong!  But Ye Xing Yong’s attention was currently being put into entertaining the young man beside him.

“Seventh highness, I’ve heard that the slaves from the Central Plains have arrived in the auction today.  It seems like we truly came at the right time today!”

“Un, this Blood Asura Auction Hall is even mysterious in the Imperial Capital, but they do have good stuff from time to time.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Ye Xing Yong and the seventh prince walking in front of her and the pretty face under the cloak was covered in a layer of frost.

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