Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Clouds gathering

“Third highness, do you want to find a chance to meet Ye Yu Xi?”  Mo Tian Chou and the third prince were standing by the second floor’s window.

The third prince shook his head, “No need.  Royal father’s decree has not left the palace for long and before the decree reaches the Ye Manor, if someone ambitious knows I met her, they will be able to use this information.”

Dong, dong, dong.  The sound of knocking came from the door.

“Come in.”

Housekeeper Qiu rushed in.  Before he could calm himself, he anxiously reported, “Third highness, young master, something’s happened…..”

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er had reached the main street.

Qing’er jumped beside Ye Yu Xi.  She was doubtful about Housekeeper Qiu’s reaction, “Young miss, what do you think the guard told Housekeeper Qiu just now for his expression to become that serious?”

Ye Yu Xi observed their surroundings a bit before saying in a low voice, “That guard was talking about the matter of the Zhao Manor’s extermination and the rose I had you draw on the main entrance.”

“Ah!”  Qing’er gave a surprised gasp.  Although she knew that this matter would draw attention, she never thought that even the Primary Martial Auction Hall would attach such importance to this matter.

Ye Yu Xi had already expected this matter.  The extermination of the Zhao Manor was the beginning of Ye Yu Xi’s challenge against the seventh prince and also the announcement of the Blood Enchantress’ beginning on the Purple Cloud Continent!

Obtaining a large amount of gold coins, she bought some herbs from the pharmacy.  Speaking of buying herbs, it was better to say wholesale buying of herbs……There was no choice.  Although Huo Ling was a child, he had a big appetite.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er returned to their newly bought yard for a short and peaceful period of rest, but Ningyuan City was completely stirred.

All kinds of earth shaking news passed through the city.

First the Zhao Family’s young miss and several dozen guards had died tragic death in a small alley.  Then the entire Zhao Manor was exterminated in a single night and there was a rose drawn in blood left on the main entrance.

The City Lord palace’s young master Yang Wei brought four guards to harass some girls in the Spiritualist Guild, but he had been slapped in return and turned into a laughingstock.

Other than that, there was another piece of news that made everyone nervous.

In a single night, other than the Zhao Manor being exterminated, the Li Family, the Wang Family, the Sun Family, and several other wealthy families had their entire treasury emptied in a single night.

These large matters were covered up by certain people.  Although people discussed Ye Yu Xi kicking Zhao Yu He out of the main city sector and beating up Yang Wei, the name of the protagonist Ye Yu Xi was never mentioned.

Ye Manor.

Ye Xing Yong was sitting in a large armchair.  When he heard the matter of the Li Family, the Wang Family, and the other wealthy families having their treasuries emptied, he was not worried like the other families.  This was because their store room had been cleaned the day before by somebody……

“Other than these matters, last night, the entire Zhao Manor was exterminated by someone in a single night.”  The people responsible for asking around quickly reported.

“What!”  Ye Xing Yong’s hand trembled and the teacup in his hand almost fell down.  Although the Zhao Manor only acted tough and was the seventh prince’s lackeys, the Zhao Family Head was still in the sixth spiritual level!  Who was it? If they were going against the seventh prince, then he…..Ye Xing Yong had a strange sense of foreboding in his heart.


Ye Yu Xi told Qing’er and the others not to disturb her when she returned to the newly bought yard and directly entered the chaotic space.

Qing’er and the others cleaned the rooms before cleaning the yard.  Ye Yu Xi was sweating as she refined pills in the chaotic space.

Huo Ling swallowed the last Lingzhi Fruit into his stomach as he watched Ye Yu Xi struggling to refine pills.

“Master, this is already your tenth time failing to refine a pill.”  Huo Ling sat on the side holding his little head with his hands.

Ye Yu Xi’s face was gloomy.  She would not fail while refining in the chaotic space, but whether it would become a high level pill or not would depend on the alchemist’s skill level.  There was a large wooden box by Ye Yu Xi’s feet and there were over a hundred “Purple Spirit Pills” inside.

Only the Purple Spirit Pills Ye Yu Xi used before were a rich purple colour.  The pills that she had refined were all white with a faint trace of lavender that was almost invisible.

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