Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 330

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Chapter 330: I say, are you even capable!

“Little human ginseng, I say, are you even capable?  Didn’t you say that this thing is a treasure? Why is it still a broken cauldron after you’ve looked it over for so long?”  Huo Ling had turned into his little boy form, eating the herbs while taunting him from time to time.

Long Xiao Pang ignored Huo Ling and looked all around the cauldron.  He kept muttering to himself as he sent out hand seals towards the cauldron.

“Little human ginseng, you’ve been making gestures all day, have you found anything yet?  You can’t let this treasure go if you can’t do it. Watching you struggle like that, even I feel tired for you.”  Huo Ling stuffed another herb into his little mouth.

“You do it then!”  Long Xiao Pang had listening to Huo Ling’s “chatter” for half an hour now and he couldn’t take it anymore.  He stopped moving and gave Huo Ling the chance to act.

Huo Ling patted his little hands and hearing what Long Xiao Pang said, he didn’t have any intentions to stand up.  He grabbed some more herbs from behind him, “Humph, this treasure was just talking, why is this little human ginseng so serious?  This treasure is magnanimous, how could I steal your thunder?”

Ke, ke!

Ye Yu Xi saw that neither of them noticed her and she gave two coughs.

“Master, you’re here.”  Huo Ling heard Ye Yu Xi and stopped arguing with Long Xiao Pang.  He then greeted Ye Yu Xi, “Master, let me tell you, I feel like you were tricked by that little human ginseng.”

Long Xiao Pang glared at Huo Ling.  Since they left the market, Huo Ling came into the chaotic space and never stopped talking, taunting him the entire time!

What annoyed Long Xiao Pang even more was that…..Huo Ling’s little mouth didn’t know what to say and after talking for so long, he had said nothing important……

“Little girl, you came right on time.  I want to talk to you about something.”  Long Xiao Pang put a hand on the cauldron.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the cauldron and it seemed no different from before, “Dragon master, can this thing refine pills?”

Long Xiao Pang heard Ye Yu Xi’s words and was a bit stunned, “Refine pills?  Refine what pills?”


Ye Yu Xi saw Long Xiao Pang’s reaction and felt this was bad.  Listening to the tone of Long Xiao Pang’s voice…..

Ye Yu Xi quickly asked, “You didn’t have me buy this cauldron to use it to refine pills?”

Long Xiao Pang rubbed his nose and revealed an innocent look, “I never said that!  I only said that it was treasure, I never said it could be used to refine pills!”

Ye Yu Xi remembered what Long Xiao Pang had said in the market…..

“Don’t worry, for a broken toy like a cauldron, you can just buy one normally from the Alchemist Guild.  Come over, this thing is quite novel.”

Long Xiao Pang saw Ye Yu Xi’s expression and guessed what she was thinking.  He spoke up to attract Ye Yu Xi’s attention.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She could only do this.

She had discussed the matter of the alchemy cauldron with Long Xiao Pang before coming here.  The Alchemist Guild sold cauldrons, but they were only the lowest grade bronze cauldrons. She took a few steps towards the cauldron and looked at it with Long Xiao Pang.

“Look at this pattern and this cut mark.  Also there’s this, this was clearly made by a heavy axe weapon.”  Long Xiao Pang used his white finger to point at a few marks on the cauldron.

Ye Yu Xi reached out a hand to touch the marks and a cool feeling passed through her fingertip.

These marks had no pattern, like they were randomly cut out.

“Little girl, I also found something else.”  Long Xiao Pang revealed a mysterious smile. He waved his hand to have Ye Yu Xi take two steps back before pointing at the cauldron, “Come, cut it.”

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