Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: Second layer

Although Ye Yu Xi didn’t understand what Long Xiao Pang meant, she still did it.  She took a few steps back and took out her Soul Devourer Blade before charging at it.


A sharp noise rang out.

Ye Yu Xi felt like her dagger was slicing across an incomparably hard block of iron.

Long Xiao Pang revealed a look of surprise as he quickly urged Ye Yu Xi on, “Little girl, do it again.  Use more force this time!”

Ye Yu Xi nodded as she felt the firmness of this cauldron was strange.


A sharp noise that was clearer than before rang out.  This time Ye Yu Xi had used spiritual energy, but the force had been reflected, causing Ye Yu Xi’s hand to turn numb.

Ye Yu Xi returned the Soul Devourer Blade back into the Space Ring before shaking her hand.  She looked at the worn down cauldron with Long Xiao Pang.

What was this hardness!

Ye Yu Xi looked at where her Soul Devourer Blade had hit.  She had attacked with all her strength, but she actually didn’t leave a mark!

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes lit up.  It was as he expected!

He looked at the shocked Ye Yu Xix and his voice was filled with excitement, “Little girl, now I know what treasure this is!”

“Dragon master, what, what is this?”  Ye Yu Xi couldn’t calm down the shock in her heart.

Her full strength strike couldn’t leave a mark on it.  What kind of people had left the blade and axe marks on the cauldron?

To leave a mark on the cauldron, one’s strength had to be at least in the ninth spiritual level!

A ninth spiritual level could stand at the peak of the Ice Mist Country.  To make these kinds of people “care” about it, what kind of cauldron was this…..

Long Xiao Pang patted the cauldron as he gave an emotional sigh, “I really don’t know what kind of luck a girl like you has.  This thing could cause a fight between large sects if it was found a thousand years ago.”

Thousand years?

Ye Yu Xi was surprised as her voice became a bit louder, “You’re saying that this cauldron has over a thousand years of history?”

Long Xiao Pang gave a serious nod as he looked at the marks on the cauldron, “These blade marks, only people with strength at the level of your little husband could leave them.  The people who left these blade marks are even a bit stronger than your little husband.”

Ye Yu Xi gave an “un” sound, signaling her agreement.

“Think about it, the other side was this strong, but they couldn’t break through this cauldron.  Why is that?” Long Xiao Pang’s tone became mysterious again.

“You’re saying…..The other side didn’t want the cauldron, but rather something else?”  Ye Yu Xi figured out the key problem.

Long Xiao Pang nodded as his eyes revealed a look of anticipation, “This cauldron is only a decoration.  The important thing is the thing inside the cauldron.”

Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi, “There is a second layer inside this cauldron!”

Second layer?

It was no wonder those ancestors used such barbaric methods.  The cauldron was even covered in dents, it seems like there were quite a few tricks with it.

“Dragon master, this thing is this firm, even if there is a second layer, that many people didn’t have a way of opening it……”  Ye Yu Xi knew that Long Xiao Pang had no attack abilities, but at this time, Ye Yu Xi felt a little expectant in her heart.

Long Xiao Pang heard the meaning inside Ye Yu Xi’s words and he said with a snort, “You have good luck.  There is perhaps only this dragon master who can open this cauldron in this world.”

Long Xiao Pang boasted about himself again.

“Open?  You’re saying that this cauldron is sealed?”  Ye Yu Xi’s brows jumped up. There was no trace of spiritual energy on this worn out cauldron, it didn’t seem sealed at all.

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