Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: There’s another cauldron?

After all, his life and experiences of thousands of years and adding in his race’s inheritance, it far surpassed what normal people had.

Hearing Long Xiao Pang’s words, Ye Yu Xi’s heart was stirred.  It was a fifty percent chance that it would be a treasure. This deal would be done!

“What do you need to exchange for it?”  Ye Yu Xi pointed at the cauldron she had put down.

The owner looked over that broken piece and didn’t immediately respond as he looked at Ye Yi Xi’s expression.

There was no particular expectant look on Ye Yu Xi’s face, so the owner didn’t know if the other side really wanted to buy it or not.

The owner thought about it and started with a sky high price, “This thing was brought out of the Heaven Mountain Range with the lives of my two brothers and I was also injured for it, so I need medicine to restore my body.  This thing of mine, three blood ginseng and you can take it.”

Three blood ginseng?

Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.  Truly a large appetite.

Even the most ordinary grade blood ginseng was worth a few thousand gold coins and high grade blood ginseng was even worth tens of thousands of gold coins.  To a normal cultivator, they would never take out something this precious to exchange for this “trash”.

Hearing the owner’s price, Ye Yu Xi replied, “This thing is not worth three blood ginseng.”

“I am injured, so this thing will only be exchanged for with blood ginseng.  If you can’t take it out, go look somewhere else.”

The owner noticed the Space Ring on Ye Yu Xi’s finger.  Those that could wear this kind of ring had some kind of backing!  At least they weren’t poor.

“I say, little girl, quickly make the exchange.  Don’t you have any blood ginseng in your Space Ring?  There’s no use for you to keep that cheap thing.”

Long Xiao Pang saw that Ye Yu Xi was dawdling and began to urge her on.  It was hard to find something he was interested in and it could be stolen away by someone else.

There was a flash of light in Ye Yu Xi’s palm as an embroidered box appeared.  This embroidered box came from Yan Hua’s space ring and it was currently holding a blood ginseng.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t know that this blood ginseng was given to Yan Hua by the seventh prince to get on his good side.

“There is a blood ginseng inside here.  Although it isn’t top grade, it is still high grade.”  Ye Yu Xi gave the box to the owner and continued to say, “Your cauldron isn’t worth a high grade blood ginseng, so I will pick two other things.  If you agree, I will buy the cauldron.”

The owner took the box and opened it up a slit, causing a rich blood scent to flow out.  This blood scent was not suffocating and it brought a medicinal fragrance with it.

Seeing the whole blood red ginseng inside without any impurities, the owner knew that this person was not lying to him.  This blood ginseng was indeed high grade.

“Good!  This cauldron is yours and you can pick among these things.”  The owner saw that Ye Yu Xi was this straightforward and didn’t continue to raise the price.  He directly agreed to Ye Yu Xi’s request.

Ye Yu Xi nodded as she placed the cauldron into her chaotic space before casually picking two things and leaving.

Looking at the sky, it was right about noon.  She had Huo Ling on her shoulder look for Ying Xue while Ye Yu Xi waited at the exit alone.

After a while, Huo Ling’s cute voice sounded out, “Master, master, there is another cauldron!  It looks much better than the one from before! Do you want to take a look?”

“Un?  Where is it?”  Ye Yu Xi replied in her mind.  She never thought there would be even more unexpected harvests.

Huo Ling quickly told Ye Yu Xi where the cauldron was.

Ye Yu Xi followed Huo Ling’s directions and after an hour, she finally found the place.

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