Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 327

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Chapter 327: You can not buy, I don’t care

The stall owner saw Ye Yu Xi playing with the trash and casually said, “That is something only alchemists use.  It isn’t bought with money, it is used to exchange for things.”

Ye Yu Xi played with the cauldron in her hand and she gave a snort, “Humph…..This thing shouldn’t be easy to sell.  It’s this broken, no alchemist would want to buy it. With this kind of broken cauldron, they can’t refine pills even if they do buy it.”

After saying this, Ye Yu Xi put the thing back to its original place.  As she was putting it down, Long Xiao Pang’s voice sounded in her mind.

“Little girl, look at that cauldron again and investigate it with spiritual energy!”  Long Xiao Pang suddenly felt something strange in the chaotic space and it was a wonderful strange feeling!  It was a kind of sensitivity to treasures. Long Xiao Pang could vaguely feel that this cauldron should have history behind it.


Hearing Long Xiao Pang’s serious voice, she wanted to put down the cauldron, but she shook her palm left and right over the ground while secretly investigating the cauldron.

“Yi?  Dragon master, it’s a bit strange!  Spiritual energy won’t go in.” Ye Yu Xi immediately found something strange.  When her spiritual energy came in contact with the cauldron, it disappeared on its own and not a trace of it could go in.

“Quickly describe the appearance of the cauldron to me.”  Long Xiao Pang’s voice had a trace of anticipation. He never thought he could pick something like this up in the Ice Mist Country!

A metal that spiritual energy can’t enter was very rare, not to mention one that could be turned into an alchemy cauldron.

Ye Yu Xi looked over the entire thing and described the cauldron’s appearance to Long Xiao Pang.

“Are you buying it or not!  The thing you’re holding is quite precious.”  The stall owner saw Ye Yu Xi looking over the cauldron and he began shouting at her.

The cauldron owner had already examined it.  Other than its hardness, there was nothing new about it.  It was just a bit rare being placed here.

“Naturally things that are needed need to be bought, but I’m just curious how you obtained this item.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the stall owner. The stall owner’s voice was filled with indifference, but Ye Yu Xi didn’t care as she waited for Long Xiao Pang’s response.

Long Xiao Pang heard Ye Yu Xi’s description and he began to match it with the knowledge in his mind, but Long Xiao Pang kept feeling that something was missing.

“Little girl, how big is it?”  Long Xiao Pang suddenly remembered that Ye Yu Xi didn’t tell him how big it was, she only told him its outer appearance.

Ye Yu Xi looked at it again and replied in her heart, “The weight is the same as the bronze cauldron I had before, but it’s only half the size of the cauldron.”

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes lit up.  Although he wasn’t too certain, he could already confirm that it wasn’t a normal item!

“Buy it, as long as its price isn’t too high.  Other than your Qilin Horn or your cultivation technique, you can give him anything else.”  Long Xiao Pang’s voice was very decisive.

Ye Yu Xi felt speechless in her heart, when did Long Xiao Pang become this generous?  Giving him everything…..The things that she had were worth several million gold coins added together!

Is this the same Long Xiao Pang who chased Huo Ling around for a day for half a leg of roasted lamb……

“Is this thing very valuable?”  Ye Yu Xi asked in her mind. This “big cauldron” didn’t seem like it could be used to refine pills.

Long Xiao Pang rubbed his nose and said in an uncaring voice, “I don’t know.  It’s either a treasure or a piece of bronze trash not worth anything. You can not buy it if you want, I don’t care.”

Long Xiao Pang naturally didn’t care.  To Long Xiao Pang, as long as he was still alive, he could see anything he wanted.

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