Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: Such a wild tone (Part 1)

Finally the family’s great elder appeared, showing his seventh spiritual level strength to take care of his family’s crisis.  Only…..He used half of his family’s wealth as compensation before the alchemist brought his people away!

That family fell into disrepair and became a second rate force.  It was after that incident that the forces of the Ice Mist Country knew that if one wanted to use force against an alchemist, one could never let others find out!  Once it was revealed, the family could meet the threat of extinction.

Ye Yu Xi stood there looking at the person questioning her.  Without saying a thing, she reached out her hand.


A turquoise flame surrounded Ye Yu Xi’s palm, intensely burning.  Above her hand, the space began to distort, revealing the terrifying temperature of the flame.

“Scram from here!  Otherwise you’ll suffer the consequences!”  After Ye Yu Xi said this word for word, she said nothing else.

For a while, the mountain top was silent.

“Is this person an alchemist or now?”

“Such a wild tone!”

The different forces of the crowd all had different thoughts.

“Forget it, matters concerning alchemists…..It is better to believe than not to believe!”  Finally people made their careful decisions.

“Your excellency, we have bothered you, we didn’t know it was your territory.  All the offense just now, we ask your excellency not to hold it in your heart.”  A person that looked like a housekeeper walked out, bowing to Ye Yu Xi.

Since someone came out, the others wouldn’t keep trying to look imposing.  Since the first person wasn’t them, if anyone asked about it in the future, they could hide their involvement.

For a while, the forces of the group all cupped their hands to Ye Yu Xi and apologized.

“Before it is dark, if you don’t leave, don’t blame me for being merciless.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly left these words before leading Shi Qing behind her away.

Ye Yu Xi and Shi Qing had not gone far.

“Are you alright?”  Ye Yu Xi stopped and looked at Shi Qing behind her.

Shi Qing shook his head and replied, “I’m not injured, I’ve just spent all my spiritual energy.

Ye Yu Xi nodded before throwing Shi Qing a pill for restoring spiritual energy, “Directly head back to the Purple Thunder Monkeys’ gathering spot, I have something to do.”

Shi Qing left and Ye Yu Xi headed back.  Hiding atop the trees, she watched the actions of these large families.

These people, they all gave promises easily.  Ye Yu Xi would not easily believe the promises they gave.

But this time, this group of people didn’t dare play tricks.  It was most likely because of Ye Yu Xi’s alchemist identity!

Between hunting Purple Thunder Monkeys or offending an unknown alchemist with a high strength, no one would choose the latter!

When Ye Yu Xi came back, these families had already packed up their tents and were prepared to leave.

Seeing these people leave the mountain, Ye Yu Xi let out a sigh of relief.  If these people really wanted to group up and fight her, although she wasn’t afraid, quite a few monkeys would die.

“Master, master, why are you in a tree?”  Huo Ling came down from midair, accurately finding where Ye Yu Xi was.

“How did you see me?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling on her shoulder, looking a bit confused.  This tree top was quite covered and Huo Ling shouldn’t have been able to see her properly speaking.

“Wu……I don’t know.  When master broke through that time, I felt myself becoming more powerful.  When I was flying in the sky, I wanted to find master and I suddenly felt where master was.  I came down for a look and I found master.” Huo Ling chirped out as he explained, not knowing if his master understood him or not.

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