Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 294

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Chapter 294: Could it be……

The surrounding people all looked at the strange flame on the old man and they had already created a large empty space.  They stood away with a tacit understanding, watching the pitiful crying old man on the ground.

After all, the turquoise flames were strange flames and they didn’t seem easy to extinguish.

Ye Yu Xi saw the reaction of these people and was very satisfied.  These people, they all cherished their own little lives!

The higher one’s position was, the more they were afraid of death.  This point was something the assassin Ye Yu Xi deeply understood.

“Save me……Save……”

The old man struggled to the final moment.  Finally his voice of despair gradually weakened before he was turned into ashes by the Beast Flame.

Seeing the old man who was burned to the point of not even leaving bones, everyone was silent…..That was an expert of the sixth spiritual level!  He actually couldn’t last three moves against this mysterious person!

These people naively thought that the other side would be wary of the strength of their group and wouldn’t dare make a move.

Looking at it now…..Them all working together couldn’t keep the other side here!

“That flame…..it seemed like the Beast Flame…..”

“Really?  Don’t scare me!”

There were a few people with real skills among the crowd, they could see that the flame used by the mysterious person was not simple.  They began to whisper to each other.

After Ye Yu Xi’s attack, she didn’t attack again.  She slightly lowered her head like she was pondering something, waiting for the group’s reaction.  Her body cycled the Dark Poison God’s Art and calmed her aura, raising her body to its peak state.

In that attack just now, Ye Yu Xi had used all her spiritual energy to take care of the other side.  Otherwise, with the old man’s strength, he wouldn’t have been killed without even having time to react.

“Beast Flame?  That thing is not something normal people can have!”  There were some people who began to move back.

“Beast Flame…..To have that kind of terrifying strength…..Could it be…..she is an alchemist!?”  People thought in their heart. To stand here, other than a few with a temper, they were were all talented people.  They could quickly analyze the other side’s status.

After all, most alchemists had strange tempers.  Adding in the fact that they had pills, even in the same round, they were stronger than normal cultivators.  It was because of this that most alchemists were arrogant and looked down on everyone.

Even the weakest alchemist was at least in the fifth spiritual level.  The person in front had killed a sixth spiritual level expert with a single move, this strength…..was estimated to be in the seventh spiritual level!

Finally someone couldn’t take this strange atmosphere.  Walking out, he didn’t make a move against Ye Yu Xi and took two steps forward before cupping his hands, “May I dare ask your excellency, are you an alchemist?”

Seeing that someone spoke up, everyone calmed down and waited for the mysterious person’s reply.  Most people had already decided that as long as the other side nodded, they would immediately pack up their stuff and leave.

An alchemist’s ability were too terrifying!

There was a large family of the Ice Mist Country that wanted to force a second grade alchemist under them with their resources, but in the end…..In the end, that alchemist escaped.

A month later……That alchemist took the initiative to become a “guest” in that house, bringing three seventh spiritual level “bodyguards”, over ten sixth spiritual level “helpers”, and over a thousand fifth spiritual level “guards”.  That large family was completely surrounded.

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