Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 289

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Chapter 289: Hunting mercenaries

In normal times, even if it was the outer region of the monkey mountain, although they couldn’t be seen, one could still hear the sounds of their cries.

But today…..It was too quiet.  It was as if the monkeys living in this area had all disappeared.

Continuing forward, Ye Yu Xi stepped on something long and round.

Ye Yu Xi looked down to find a furry arm!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes froze!  She carefully looked at the item under her foot!  It was a monkey arm! Looking at the wound, it was cut by a blade like weapon.  The blood at the wound had just congealed, it had been cut off not that long ago.

“This is bad!”  Ye Yu Xi was shocked.  These monkeys had very strong skin, especially when their body was filled with spiritual energy.  A normal blade couldn’t wound them, so for a monkey’s arm to be cut off, there was only one situation.  The other side was much stronger! Moreover……

Ye Yu Xi quickly stood up and sent spiritual energy into her legs, running towards the Purple Thunder Monkeys’ gathering spot as fast as possible.

The deeper she went in, the more blood there was on the ground.  There were more and more signs of fighting around her.


“Brothers, we’re rich this time!  This Purple Thunder Monkey Heart can be sold for over a thousand gold coins!”

“Brothers, rest up.  We’ll keep searching in a bit, perhaps we’ll be able to pick something up.  Those large families eat the meat and we’ll drink the soup, don’t you think so?  Ai, why aren’t you talking?”

A mercenary held the Purple Thunder Monkey Heart as he watched the stunned mercenaries in front of him.  He was a bit curious, why weren’t they speaking at all!?

A mercenary swallowed a mouthful of saliva and used his eyes to gesture behind the mercenary who had just spoken.

The mercenary felt it was strange.  He instantly felt a chill from behind him and found it hard to turn his head.


Ye Yu Xi’s eyes were ice cold and she had been standing right behind the mercenary while he was talking, clearly hearing everything he said.  When this mercenary turned around, with a slash, she cut this mercenary in half.

“Ghost, a ghost!”  The remaining mercenaries looked at this black figure, killing one of their brothers immediately.  They all began to cry out in fear as they ran away.

Shua, shua, shua!

Ye Yu Xi’s figure flew out at them.  These mercenaries were only hired hands of those large families, so they weren’t that strong, being at an average of third spiritual level.  Meeting Ye Yu Xi now, how could they still survive.


The final mercenary fell down in a panic when he was running away and Ye Yu Xi appeared behind him.

“Ah!”  This mercenary struggled to stand up, but he felt someone behind him.  He turned around to see Ye Yu Xi covered in killing intent and called out in shock.

Seeing this black clothed person move towards him step by step, that mercenary moved back with his hands and feet on the ground, trying to move a bit further from Ye Yu Xi.

“Who are you, why are you here?”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was very deep as she questioned this mercenary in front of her.

The mercenary’s head kept releasing cold sweat, “I, we were hired by the large families, telling us to hunt some spirit beasts.  After, afterwards, we don’t know why they changed their mind and left the Serpentine Mountains. Buy a mistake, they came across the Purple Thunder Monkeys and then, and then…..”


Ye Yu Xi cut the mercenaries neck with a single slash.

Standing there taking a deep breath, Ye Yu Xi could feel that the air of the mountain was soaked with the smell of blood!

There was a chill that appeared at the bottom of her eyes.  Ye Yu Xi held the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand as she walked deeper into the mountain.

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