Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 285

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Chapter 285: A single leaf

They had thought that if this person was weak, they would be the fisherman waiting at the side, but now it seemed like keeping their little lives was already good enough.

The people in the tree all hid their aura and didn’t dare make large movements, not even daring to breathe too loudly.  They were afraid that the mysterious person not far away would “find” them.

Ye Yu Xi had taken care of these followers who came seeking death and used her mental energy to investigate the area.  She felt the group of people in the trees not far away and her lips under her cloak formed an elegant arc.

Slowly walking towards the trees.

Ye Zhi Qiu’s group were still in the trees, not a single one of them dared make a sound.  They all watched the mysterious person walking step by step beneath the trees.

When Ye Yu Xi walked over to these trees, she suddenly stopped with her back facing Ye Zhi Qiu’s group.

Ye Zhi Qiu and Yan Hao’s hands tightened and their eyes watched Ye Yu Xi’s back.


With a small breeze, several leaves were blown off and Ye Yu Xi took a small step forward.

When Ye Yu Xi took a step, her hand also moved out as fast as lightning, with two fingers grabbing onto a leaf.


Flicking her hand, the leaf with her spiritual energy was like a blade.  It flew out with a sharp whistle at the tree Ye Zhi Qiu was in.


The seemingly weak tree leaf inserted itself into the firm tree trunk.

The position of the leaf was only a few inches from Ye Zhi Qiu’s neck.

Ye Yu Xi warned these people before her lips formed an elegant arc again and she left with large steps.

Only when Ye Yu Xi walked far away did the people in the tree let out a sigh of relief.

“Zhi Qiu, are you alright.”  Yan Hao and the others jumped out of the tree.

The mysterious person made a move too quickly that these people couldn’t react at all and the “hidden weapon” was already beside Ye Zhi Qiu.

Ye Zhi Qiu shook his head.  He reached his hand out and in his palm was a leaf silently laying there.

Everyone gathered around and looked down.

“This is?”  Yan Hao looked at Ye Zhi Qiu with a confused gaze.

“This is the hidden weapon?”  Xiahou Yu Rou’s watery eyes opened wide, filling with disbelief.

Everyone else fell silent.

That sharp whistle made everyone certain that it was blade like hidden weapon that was very fatal.  But now…..

Everyone’s heart was filled with shock!  What kind of strength was required for this leaf to reach that speed where it made a whistling sound?

Ye Zhi Qiu let out a deep sigh of relief.  It was lucky that they chose to watch and lucky that the other party didn’t care about them.  From that mysterious person’s attack, the other side had already noticed them and just didn’t say anything.


When Ye Yu Xi was leaving the mountain, she was talking to Long Xiao Pang in her mind, “Dragon master, did Bai Jin Yi come alone?”

Baji, baji.

Long Xiao Pang was chewing the lamb meat inside the chaotic space when he heard Ye Yu Xi’s voice.  He answered in a muffled voice, “Wu…..There was also that black clothed brat with him and there could have been others.”

“Oh.”  Ye Yu Xi responded without saying anything else.

Only Qing’er and the others knew that she came to the Serpentine Mountains to find this Beast Flame.  For Bai Jin Yi to find her here, it should be Ye Wen and Ye Man or Qing’er and the fatty that told him about this.

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