Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: Killing Yan Hua!

“There’s another group of people?”

Ye Yu Xi’s mental energy went out and immediately felt Ye Zhi Qiu’s group not that far away.  Feeling their nervous appearance, Ye Yu Xi’s lips formed a smile and she ignored them.

“Come out, there’s no need to hide.”  Ye Yu Xi released a turquoise flame with a flick of her hand that hit the tree in front of her.  There was spiritual energy wrapped in mental energy in her palm, on guard against Ye Zhi Qiu’s group.

“I never thought that I, the unparalleled Yan Hua would fall at the hands of a nameless junior.”  Yan Hua walked out from behind the tree. There was an arm hanging to his side and his eyes were filled with red light.

“This is bad!”  Ye Yu Xi saw Yan Hua quickly gathering spiritual energy around his arm and a trace of danger filled her heart.  She quickly flew backwards.


Yan Hua stepped off and quickly flew at Ye Yu Xi.

In an instant, he was in front of her.


Their fists clashed and they separated.  With the clash of spiritual energy, they were both sent flying backwards.

Yan Hua’s eyes were filled with despair.  He had used all his spiritual energy into this one hit and now that it had reached this point, he was just a dead fish in a net.  Yan Hua didn’t hope to win, he just wanted to turn this person into a scapegoat before dying.

But in the last second, because he had lost his arm and suffered a huge loss of vitality, the side effects of the Blood Origin Pill activated.  Yan Hua’s spiritual energy quickly drained and his attack had no power.

Ye Yu Xi gave a grunt and felt light injuries inside herself.   While she was still in the air, Ye Yu Xi revealed a faint smile as she softly said, “Explode!”

Yan Hua’s pupils suddenly opened wide.  He made a few gurgling sounds in his throat as his eyes quickly dimmed.


Yan Hua’s corpse fell to the ground.

Ye Yu Xi flipped in the air and firmly landed on the ground.

With a cool breeze, Ye Yu Xi’s cloak fluttered in the wind.

There was a silence that filled the mountain peak.

Ye Yu Xi let out a long breath and slowly walked into the forest.

She arrived beside Yan Hua’s corpse.  Yan Hua’s eyes were wide open and there were no signs of life left in him.

When Ye Yu Xi injected that spiritual energy into Yan Hua, she already knew she had won.  She came over now not to confirm Yan Hua’s death, but rather to take his things.


The Soul Devourer Blade in Ye Yu Xi’s hand cut off Yan Hua’s finger and she took his Space Ring.

Without having time to investigate what was inside the ring, there were footsteps from around her.

“Oh?  They’re back?”  Ye Yu Xi jumped up into the tree.

After a while, four-five followers came out of the trees.


“Elder Yan!”

These followers saw Yan Hua’s corpse on the ground and quickly ran over.

Before they could cry out in shock.

Ye Yu Xi’s blade had already arrived at their necks!  Ye Yu Xi jumped out of the tree and turned into a purple shadow.

Shua, shua, shua!

After several slashes, these followers directly went to see the king of hell.


Ye Zhi Qiu’s group standing far away in the tree had vaguely seen this mysterious person quickly kill these followers through the gaps in the branches, causing all of them to take in a cold breath!

These followers weren’t bad, only being above the fourth spiritual level, but they had been killed by the mysterious person with a single slash.  This mysterious person’s power……shocked Ye Zhi Qiu’s group again.

Ye Zhi Qiu revealed a bitter smile.

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