Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: Dragon Locking Array

Seeing these mercenaries approaching, Ye Yu Xi revealed an understanding look.

These people were the people surrounding Yan Hao before.

Yan Hao was with Ye Zhi Qiu’s people and these mercenaries didn’t have a chance to make a move, so they could only wait.  They never expected that they didn’t get Yan Hao, but rather Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi sent out a tentative palm.

The mercenary in front stepped off and easily dodged it.

A person’s pace changed and the two mercenaries beside them also changed.

It really was a bit strange!

Ye Yu Xi watched the movements of the mercenaries.  She felt the movement of the people in the forest were strange and now that she was inside their attacks, that feeling was even stronger.

“Qing’er, be careful.  Don’t be in a rush, there is something trick about their movements.”  She told Qing’er in her mind. With a thought from Ye Yu Xi, she released her mental energy.

Qing’er looked at these people moving slow and fast and didn’t dare be negligent.  Her sword was placed in front of her chest and she took a defensive positioning.


With her mental energy, Ye Yu Xi immediately noticed something was off.

These people in front of her, their spiritual energy fluctuations were the same, like they were the same people.


Ye Yu Xi found a chance and sent out a palm.

Ye Yu Xi found the right opportunity, right when one person took the time to stop.

The mercenary in front gave a groan, but he didn’t fly away like a normal injured person and just took a step back.

The two mercenary beside him also took a step back, like the two of them were linked.

Ye Yu Xi’s pupils slightly narrowed.  She had used 50% of her strength and even if it didn’t heavily injure the other side, it wouldn’t be like this.

“Humph, ignorant junior.  Entering out Dragon Locking Array, you can’t break your way out!”  The leading mercenary’s shoulder drooped as he looked at the two trapped people, venting his dissatisfaction.

Sending out four-five testing punches, Ye Yu Xi found the rule behind it.  These three people weren’t strong, being only around the fourth spiritual level.  If it was a one on one fight, Ye Yu Xi would only take three moves to take care of them.

However, they were using strange moves and her attack would be weakened by a half each time, as well as the remaining bit of strength being divided between the three remaining people.  Like this, the remaining spiritual energy couldn’t cause any real damage to them.

Over time, Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy began to diminish.

“Qing’er, don’t touch them.”  Ye Yu Xi said to Qing’er.

“Un.”  Qing’er responded in her mind.

Qing’er’s cultivation was far lower than Ye Yu Xi’s and being focused by three mercenaries, it was already very hard.  Not to mention fighting back, if they kept going, she would certainly fall.

The dagger in Ye Yu Xi’s hand kept colliding with the weapons of the mercenaries.  She kept using the advantage of her movement technique to continue testing the “Dragon Locking Array”.

The leading mercenary standing outside watched the two of them and thought that the person using the dagger was powerful!

He and his brother cultivated this Dragon Locking Array and with this array, three fourth spiritual level experts could block a person at the fifth spiritual level.

One could see how good the Dragon Locking Array was.  However, although it was good, there were large defects.  It was only effective against people in the array and if the three were attacked by people outside the array, the three mercenaries couldn’t guard against it at all.

The leading mercenary saw that although his brothers had surrounded the girl, they couldn’t do any damage to her.  He waved his hand with a sinister look and another three mercenaries charged forward.

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