Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: Breaking the Dragon Locking Array

The three mercenaries joined the battle and the pressure on Ye Yu Xi increased.

Although Ye Yu Xi’s real strength was very high, but her cultivation was still just in the fifth spiritual level.  Her spiritual energy wasn’t endless and if it kept being consumed by the other side, she definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat them.

Various plans flashed through Ye Yu Xi’s mind and suddenly her eyes lit up!  When Long Xiao Pang was teaching her about mental energy, he had said that it could attack people from within!

She gathered her spiritual energy in her palm again as the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand flicked away the blade headed at her as her left hand sent out a palm.


Ye Yu Xi gave a secret grunt and released the connection with the spiritual energy.

That mercenary took Ye Yu Xi’s palm and revealed a happy expression. That palm just now didn’t hurt him at all!  It seems like this person’s spiritual energy was about to run out!

Following this, that mercenary’s face turned red.


Spitting out a mouthful of blood, his body flew out.  The Dragon Locking Array formed by the three of them was suddenly broken.

“This is bad!”  That leading mercenary’s expression fell.  He never thought that with six people surrounding her, the other side would still break the Dragon Locking Array.  He wanted to personally make a move, but he saw the girl being trapped in the Dragon Locking Array again.

Was it just a coincidence?  That leading mercenary saw the Ye Yu Xi surrounded by five people and gave a cold laugh in his heart.  Was the Dragon Locking Array that easy to break?!

Ye Yu Xi deliberately pretended to be weak and walked into the siege again, secretly memorizing their movement patterns.

She saw that there were no changes in their movement and Ye Yu Xi secretly shook her head.  This array was only useful for fighting less with more people.

There was nothing to gain from playing with them anymore.  Ye Yu Xi looked at them and sent out continuous palms.

Pu, pu, pu, pu, pu!

With a step, Ye Yu Xi sent out five palms in succession.  With the speed of her movement technique, she hit the five people in the chest at the same time.

The five of them spat out blood and flew out in different directions, some slamming into trees and some falling onto grass.  Ye Yu Xi’s palm directly shattered their heart and their auras disappeared.


Ye Yu Xi didn’t stop and took a step forward.  She charged at the three mercenaries dealing with Qing’er and easily took care of them.


The leading mercenary saw this and his eyes instantly became circles, not being able to believe what he just saw.

How was this possible!

How could the Dragon Locking Array be taken care of so easily!  The Dragon Locking Array was the array that came out of that mysterious force.


Ye Yu Xi turned around and jumped in front of the leading mercenary, placing the dagger at the mercenary’s neck.

De, de, de.

The fierce mercenary big brother’s legs were shaking and his teeth were chattering, not being able to speak.

Ye Yu Xi’s head was covered in the bamboo hat and she slightly raised it.  There was a smile that appeared in her eyes, but in that smile…..there was no warmth at all.


With a flick of her hand, the Soul Devourer Blade in her head cut the mercenary’s neck.

Ten mercenaries all lost their lives.

“Young miss, how could you kill him?  Aren’t you asking who sent them?” Qing’er looked at Ye Yu Xi didn’t even say a single word and she was confused.

“This kind of thing, we can’t ask anything useful.  This place is not safe, we should quickly leave.” Ye Yu Xi cleaned the blood on the Soul Devourer Blade and turned to leave.

When she turned, Ye Yu Xi saw something in the corner of her eyes.  There was actually a Space Ring on the mercenary’s hand!

She bent down to pick up the ring and Ye Yu Xi sent her spiritual energy into it……


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