Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 252

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Chapter 252: Today, you must die!

“Go back and tell the fatty to have him and Shi Qing to step up their training.  Go back after they finish their training and I’ll also directly head back after finding the Beast Flame.”

“Young miss, you’re not going back with us?”  Qing’er looked at Ye Yu Xi with a strange gaze.

Ye Yu Xi softly shook her head.

Slowly standing up, Ye Yu Xi said to Ye Zhi Qiu sitting in the main seat and Yan Hao in front of her, “Young master Ye, this one still has to find herbs for my elder, so I won’t bother you.”

Ye Zhi Qiu nodded and made a hand gesture to allow them to leave.  After all, these two people didn’t come here to find the Beast Flame, so going together wasn’t that good.

“Two misses, please wait.”

When Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er took a few steps out of the tent, Yan Hao chased after them.

“Does young master Yan need something?”  Ye Yu Xi turned to look at Yan Hao.

Yan Hao stood there and gave a bow, “I didn’t know the two misses were alchemist before and have neglected you.  I hope the two misses do not mind this.”

“The young master should just speak, if there is nothing, I’m leaving first.”  Ye Yu Xi didn’t say anything against Yan Hao calling her an alchemist, but she also didn’t confirm it.

Yan Hao wanted to say something and there was a bit of struggle in his eyes.  Finally he still gave it up and helplessly said, “I hope the two misses have a safe journey.”

Looking at the awkward Yan Hao, Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er turned to leave.


Central Plains, Medicine King Valley, secret room.

“Elders, have you really found a cure?”  Bai Jin Yi impatiently said.

“Un.”  The elders were as calm as water and one person raised a hand for Bai Jin Yi to sit.

“What is it?!”  How could Bai Jin Yi be in the mood to sit, his face was filled with anxiety.

“The method isn’t in the valley, it’s in the Purple Cloud Continent’s most northern part, the Extreme Frozen Land.”

Extreme Frozen Land!

Bai Jin Yi’s pupils slightly narrowed, “Elders, you’re saying……”

The elder slowly nodded, “Other than this, there is no other way.”

“Alright, I’ll send Shi Ying over.”  Bai Jin Yi had no expressions.

Another elder opened his eyes, “Go quick and come back soon.  Your marriage is about to come soon.”

Ignoring this elder, Bai Jin Yi let out a breath and shouted behind him, “Shadow!”

“Here.”  The shadow came in from outside.

“Bring some confidants and we’ll leave in half an hour!”  Bai Jin Yi said in a firm voice.


The master and servant passed half the mountain.

“Young miss, that young master Yan seemed like he wanted to say something to us.”  Qing’er followed behind Ye Yu Xi.

“Un, perhaps…..it’s a sore topic.”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly stopped.

Qing’er also stopped and looked at Ye Yu Xi with a surprised expression as she saw Ye Yu Xi’s face become a bit serious.

“Come out!  No need to hide.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was cold and the Soul Devourer Blade appeared in her hand without a sound.

Qing’er was shocked!

There was an ambush?!

Sha, sha, sha.

There were sha, sha sounds around them, sounding like snakes moving across grass, but Ye Yu Xi knew that it wasn’t snakes, but rather humans.

That sha, sha sound was the other side quickly moving, as grass blades and leaves swept across their bodies.

“Your senses are quite sharp, but…..you are dead!”  Over ten mercenaries appeared around them.

Ye Yu Xi looked at these mercenaries and raised one brow, “It’s you guys?”

“Ruining our business, today you must die!  Go!” The leading mercenary waved his hand at his brothers and six large men charged at Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er together.

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