Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: Military tattoo

“Thank you guest.”  The waiter took the silver coins and knew what the other side wanted to hear, so he said in a small voice, “There are some people among these groups that drink a bit and said that this time they came to do business with their lives, so they wanted to drink one last time before going.  If my guesses aren’t wrong, they should be headed for the Heaven Mountain Range. As for what they are doing, this little one does not know.”

The fatty waved his hand, knowing that the waiter knew nothing else.

“Quickly eat.  We’re leaving as soon as we finished.”  Ye Yu Xi looked down to eat.

This many strangers coming here, they’re either coming to the Heaven Mountain Range to look for the Beast Flame, or they were here for another attractive treasure.  No matter how it is, there were much more variables to this Heaven Mountain Range trip than she expected.

They quickly ate without making a sound and prepared to leave after they finished.

When they came to the door, there was a man with a bamboo hat that came in.  When they passed each other at the door, they hit each other a bit.

The bamboo hat man moved aside and his bamboo hat came down.

When the fatty passed by him, the fatty’s eyes inadvertently looked at the man’s clothes.  His eyes narrowed before he walked out pretending not to see anything.

The bamboo hat man put the hat back on his head and walked into the inn.

The fatty and Ye Yu Xi walked a hundred meters away from the inn before Ye Yu Xi asked without even turning around, “Fatty, did you recognize that person just now?”

“I don’t.”  The fatty shook his head and narrowed his little eyes, “But there was a blood red tattoo on his neck.  If I didn’t see it wrong, that is the tattoo of Ningyuan City’s military. It’s like the mark of the Xiahou Family.”

Military tattoo?

Ye Yu Xi was surprised in her heart.  According to common sense, military’s people couldn’t go out alone.  Even if they were messengers, they would go to a special military post and wouldn’t come to an inn.

This person……It was strange he came here!

Ye Yu Xi wanted to have the fatty and Shi Qing go to the Purple Thunder Monkey gathering spot alone while she and Qing’er would go find the spirit beast according to Long Xiao Pang’s instructions.

But there was an objection from Long Xiao Pang in the chaotic space.

“Little girl, go to the Purple Thunder Monkeys as well.  There’s still something to do and it isn’t too late to find the Beast Flame after we finish it.”  Long Xiao Pang was eating roast lamb meat while reminding Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi knit her brow and replied in her mind, “What if the Beast Flame is found by someone else…..”

Long Xiao Pang gave a snort, “Humph, if the spirit beast was that easy to find, it wouldn’t live to today.  Relax, even when it was this dragon master, I accidentally found it.”

Ye Yu Xi was helpless.  She could only go with fatty and the others to the Purple Thunder Monkey gathering spot.


In the Heaven Mountain Range inn.

After the bamboo hat man walked into the inn, he didn’t attract many people’s attention.

He sat down at a table by the wall alone before calling for a bottle of wine and half a pound of beef mince.  He focused on eating and deliberately lowered his hat a bit when he ate.

The handsome young master in the corner put down his chopsticks and used a silk handkerchief to wipe the corners of his mouth.  After narrowing his eyes, his lips revealed a smile as he said to the old man beside him, “Old Hong, the person that just came in…..”

Old Hong nodded.  He raised his head to drink the wine in his cup and pretended to be half drunk as he walked towards the bamboo hat man.

“Brother, I didn’t think that we would meet again.”  Old Hong pretended to be an acquaintance as he tried putting his hand on the other person’s shoulder.  His foot deliberately slipped and he couldn’t stand straight as he fell down towards the man.

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