Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: The young miss is awake


The bamboo hat man reacted very quickly, as he supported Old Hong.  He slowly pushed Old Hong back up as he said, “Old man, I don’t know you.  When going out, you should drink less wine and be a bit more careful.”

After saying this, the man ignored Old Hong’s reaction as he kept eating his beef.

Old Hong laughed and apologized.  He called himself an old confused man and said he recognized the wrong person before swaying back to the handsome young master’s table.

“Young master, there was a hard aura when he raised his hand.  It should be someone sent by the Xiahou Manor or General Ji’s Manor to monitor us.”  Old Hong said in a low voice.

The handsome young master’s eyelids fell and he said in his heart, “Xiahou Manor, General Ji’s Manor…..It seems like there are many famous alchemists who have come this time.”

“Young master, should we make a move now?  General Xiahou’s daughter, Xiahou Yu Rou, I’ve heard that her cultivation isn’t bad.  If they participate this time, I’m afraid it’ll be bad for young master.” Old Hong saw his young master sitting there without speaking and reminded in a small voice.

The handsome young master softly shook his head, “No need to worry, Xiahou Yu Rou is not Xiahou Hong Shi, she isn’t enough.  Let’s rest another night and we’ll move tomorrow morning.”


Medicine King Valley, secret room.

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes were closed and he was sitting on the ground.  Around Bai Jin Yi, there were four old men.

The clothes, the hair, and even the spiritual energy fluctuations around these four people were the same.

Each person had a hand raised and faint fold spiritual energy kept flowing out of their palms, entering Bai Jin Yi’s body.

Hu, hu.

Bai Jin Yi could feel the spiritual energy within him surging and his face was no longer a sickly pale colour.  Now there was an unusual flush to his face.


An old man shouted out and the other three old man changed their hand seal.  The golden spiritual energy slowed down before surging out again.

The four streams of spiritual energy entered him and Bai Jin Yi knit his brows.


A mouthful of blood came out which made a hissing sound when it touched the ground.

The old men stopped.

“Young master.”  The shadow to the side took a few steps forward.

Bai Jin Yi waved his hand and took a long breath.

“Young master, the situation of your body, it isn’t suitable for you to use spiritual energy.  You should cultivate for a while instead.” An old man spoke up.

Peng, peng, peng!

Knocking came from the secret room’s door.

The shadow went forward to open the door and stared at the servant outside as his eyes turned slightly cold, “The young master is currently healing, what is it.”

“The young miss, the young miss is awake, but…..”  The servant said.

“Shi Ying is awake?!”

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes lit up.  Wiping the blood at the corner of his mouth, he struggled to stand up, “Bring me over to take a look.”

“Young master, you can’t!”  The four old man in the secret room called out to stop him.

Bai Jin Yi left them with only the image of his back.


Ye Yu Xi’s group of four moved quickly the entire way, but to account for Shi Qing’s speed, they didn’t run as fast as they could.

Even though it was like this, Shi Qing still needed to sprint full force to keep up with the speed of Ye Yu Xi and the others.

After running for half a day, it was already dusk.  Their group looked for a relatively flat place to rest.

The longer Shi Qing was with Qing’er, the fatty, and the others, the more he was shocked by their power.

Shi Qing felt his cultivation wasn’t bad, but after half a day of running, he was covered in sweat.  As for Ye Yu Xi and the others, they didn’t have any sweat at all.

Shi Qing knew that after entering the mountains, he had dragged down everyone’s speed……Lying on the rock, Shi Qing secretly made his decision.  During this training, as long as he had a bit of strength, he would not rest!

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