Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: South City’s Three Evils

“Who are you!  This table is reserved by us, quickly get lost!”  The South City’s Three Evils were not good people.  With their table being taken, not directly attacking was already considered good.

In the Ningyuan City mercenary world, who didn’t give the South City’s Three Evils face?!

Ye Yu Xi’s group looked up to watch the play.

Sitting there was a handsome young master, an old man, and several followers.

“The worst part of a meal is when the flies come to bother us.”  The handsome young master said this before looking back down to eat.

The old man beside him nodded.  He stood up and said to the South City’s Three Evils, “You have disrupted me young master’s meal, please leave.”

The South City’s Three Evils heard the young master’s words and one of them raised a brow as they shouted, “Little boy, who are you calling fl…..Eh, eh!”

Before the large man finished, his cheeks were held by the old man with one hand.  He could not speak and could only make eh, eh sounds.


The large man wanted to reach for the blade at his waist, but the old man’s eyes turned cold as he kicked out, sending that large man flying out the door!

So fast!

Ye Yu Xi’s pupils narrowed.  That old man’s movement, so fast!

That kick just now looked like a single kick, but it was actually two kicks.  The first one kicked the large man’s body into the air and the second one was a horizontal kick, sending the large man flying out the door.  Only the old man moved too quickly, so other than Ye Yu Xi and the fatty, the other people didn’t clearly see the old man’s movements.

One of the South City’s Three Evils had been taken care of and the remaining two wanted to make their move!  When they wanted to pull out their weapons, the old man in front spoke again.

“We’re just passing by and don’t want to cause trouble.  My young master likes peace, so these gold coins will be considered a compensation for the one outside!”  After saying this, the old man took out a small bag of gold coins from his chest and that contained around ten coins.  With an unknown amount of force, his wrist flicked as the bag of gold coins flew at the two large men.

The large man standing closer reached out his hand to grab it.  The force behind the bag of gold coins made him take a step back and his companion had to support him so he didn’t fall.

The two large men saw the move from the old man and their hearts came down.  They knew they met an expert today and the two of them looked at each other before walking out.

Ye Yu Xi had been paying attention to the side the whole time, but when the old man made a move, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes left the old man and they turned to the three tables of mercenaries by the door.

Ye Yu Xi could feel that when the old man made a move, the three tables became nervous and some even unconsciously placed their hands on their weapons.  After the old man took care of the South City’s Three Evils and sat back down, these mercenaries relaxed.

It seems like the Heaven Mountain Range hasn’t been peaceful lately!

Ye Yu Xi sighed in her heart.  This old man was not weak and the handsome young master sitting beside him eating did not seem like a normal person.  Could it be that they came to find the Beast Flame in the Heaven Mountain Range?

When the South City’s Three Evils snuck off, the discussion in the hall became softer.  Sometimes, there would be people looking over at the handsome young master’s table.

The fatty waved his hand and called the waiter over.

“Brother, there are quite a few new faces here.  How many new people have passed through here in the past few days?”  The fatty asked this while handing the waiter a silver coin.

The waiter smiled as he put away the silver coin and replied, “This guest, you truly are distinguished.  In these past few days, there have been four-five groups of new people coming here to eat.”

The fatty nodded and handed over another two silver coins.

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