Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: Having an affair (Part 1)

Madame Ji was lying on her back on the bed and feeling the man on her stop moving, she looked at him.  She said in a dissatisfied voice, “Who cares, quickly! Use more force!” After saying this, her long slender wrapped around the man’s waist.

Guang dang!

When the two people on the bed prepared to move again, the wooden door was kicked down by Ye Man.


The two people on the bed were shocked, this was the City Lord’s palace!  There was someone who dared cause trouble?!

Ye Man was like a death god as she walked in step by step, holding a cold glowing sword in her hand.

Her eyes swept over the two people on the bed.  She recognized the City Lord’s concubine, but this man looked to be around twenty years old and clearly wasn’t sir City Lord.  She never thought that the City Lord’s concubine would be this bold to have an affair in the City Lord’s palace. Ye Man’s cold eyes looked over there, “Where is the City Lord’s Token.”

Madame Ji looked at Ye Man in front of her and said in a charming voice, “Blood Enchantress?  Aren’t you an assassin mercenary group just for money? However much the City Lord’s wife has given you, I’ll double!”

Feeling too lazy to waste words with her, Ye Man stabbed out at Madame Ji’s arm.

Madame Ji’s eyes turned cold.  She was still in the third spiritual level.  She pulled the man beside her with one hand and used him to block herself.


The man’s shoulder was pierced by the sword and it began to bleed.

Ye Man quickly followed up with a kick, sending Madame Ji who tried to flee back onto the bed.

She pointed the sword in her hand at the two of them, “Where’s the City Lord’s Token!”

Without waiting for Madame Ji to speak, the man used as a shield spoke up first.

“Don’t kill me!  The thing you want is in the hidden layer of the jewelry box.  I beg you, don’t kill me!” The man’s face was filled with fear.

Ye Man coldly looked at the man in front of her and asked, “Why do you know where the City Lord’s Token is!”

The man was going all out in order to survive!  He stuttered as he explained, “There was one time, I personally witnessed Ji, Madame Ji placing the City Lord’s Token inside.  Everything I said is the truth, please don’t kill me.”

When Madame Ji heard the man’s words, her face was like dying embers.  She was feeling lousy these days so she called her favourite pet to comfort her, but she never thought that he would actually betray her at this critical time!

Madame Ji hated the pet for betraying her, but she never thought that they made their decision when she used them as a shield!

Ye Man naturally wouldn’t believe this kind of man’s words.  She pointed with her sword, “Bring it over. Don’t try to run, you should have heard of our Blood Enchantress’ methods!”

The man wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and quickly nodded.  He even rolled out of bed and crawled over, taking the City Lord’s Token from the jewelry box and placing it in front of Ye Man.

Ye Man looked over the token in the man’s hand and it was indeed the City Lord’s token.  She spoke to Ye Yu Xi in her mind, “Young miss……”

After telling Ye Yu Xi the matter of finding the City Lord’s Token and the City Lord’s concubine’s affair, Ye Man stood there, watching the City Lord’s concubine’s every move.  She was waiting for Ye Yu Xi’s instructions.


In the front yard.

Ye Yu Xi and the guards had been in a deadlock for ten minutes before the sounds of footsteps came from outside the door!

Hearing these heavy footsteps, Li Jie being suppressed by Ye Yu Xi had his heart fill with joy!

They’re here, they’re here, the city guards are finally here.  Once they charged in, they could immediately surround these people.  The two commanders of the city guards, Mo Fei Yang and Lin Si were both at the sixth spiritual level, they could fight the Blood Enchantress group.

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