Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: Having an affair (Part 2)

“Boss, we’re outside the door.  Do you need us to come in?” The fatty spoke to Ye Yu Xi in his mind.

Ye Yu Xi calculated the time.  The city guards would take a bit before coming, so she still had some time.

She replied to the fatty in her mind, “Guard the door.  The city guards will come soon and without my orders, no one is allowed in.”

“Yes.”  The fatty responded.

Not long after she replied to the fatty, Ye Yu Xi received a transmission from Ye Man.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a happy look in her eyes.  The key part of her plan was the City Lord’s Token.  With sir City Lord seriously ill, for Madame Li to take control of the City Lord’s palace, she must use the City Lord’s Token to command the city guards.

The City Lord’s concubine was having an affair in the palace.  For Madame Li taking control of the city guards, that was a very good piece of news.

“Bring that cheap woman over.  Remember, don’t let her wear too much!”  Ye Yu Xi replied to Ye Man in her mind. With a quick movement of her feet, she kicked away the suppressed Li Jie.

Li Jie regained his freedom and called out, “Two commanders, there are assassins!  Quickly come save——”

Li Jie shouted with all his might, but after the sound of footsteps came from outside, it became quiet and there was no movement at all.

Li Jie’s eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the door that wasn’t moving at all.  The scene of the city guards breaking down the door didn’t happen.

“Move faster!”

There was a hoarse voice that came from the back yard.

The City Lord’s concubine and her pet were wearing one piece of clothing with their hands tied.  With Ye Man’s shouting, they stumbled into the front yard.

Ye Man’s voice attracted the attention of all the people in the front yard and they looked over.

Li Jie saw the Madame Ji and her pet coming out of the back yard and his heart was filled with shock.  The matter of the affair between the City Lord’s concubine and her pet, most of the City Lord’s palace’s guards didn’t know about it.

But Li Jie as the housekeeper knew and he even arranged some of the pets.  The dress of Madame Ji and the pet right now, it was clear they had been engaging in sexual activities!

The City Lord’s concubine had several marks on her as well as several slashes, but they weren’t heavy.  It seems like before she was brought over by Ye Man, there was a struggle.

The guards in the yard saw the City Lord’s concubine’s appearance and they all felt strange.  They gradually began to start whispering.

“What is going on, who is that man?  Why haven’t we seen him before?”

“I’ve already heard that the Madame Ji had many affairs with the men in the city, but I never thought it was true.”

There were more and more words like this and some people even became more descriptive, like they had personally witnessed it.

Ye Yu Xi walked beside the City Lord’s wife and said in a low voice, “The Madame Ji having an affair in the City Lord’s palace is a very good matter for the madame.”  After saying this, Ye Yu Xi looked over at Ye Man.

Putong!  Putong!

Ye Man kicked the two of them down and handed the City Lord’s Token to the City Lord’s wife.

Madame Li took the City Lord’s Token and with a cold face, she looked at the City Lord’s concubine on the ground as she said to the guards not far away, “City Lord’s palace’s guards, put down your weapons.”

The City Lord’s concubine sat on the ground, thinking about how to deal with this.

Suddenly, there were footsteps that came from outside the door as a rich voice called out.

“Quickly, quickly!  Protect the City Lord and the madame!”

Hearing this voice, the City Lord’s concubine and Li Jie were filled with joy.  This was the voice of the city guard commander Mo Fei Yang!

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