Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Night raid on the City Lord’s palace

“Quickly report to Madame Ji, we’ve encountered a problem!”

“Brothers, move back a bit.  They are Blood Enchantress, they kill people without even blinking.”

There were five hundred city guards that were killed by Blood Enchantress the day before yesterday, a single member of Blood Enchantress killed over a hundred of them.  Now that these guards saw that iconic black cloak, not a single one of them had the courage to make a move.

A quickly guard ran to the back yard and reported to the City Lord’s concubine.

The guard that went to report didn’t notice that there was a black clothed person following behind him on the rooftop.


In the City Lord’s palace’s front yard.

The palace’s housekeeper Li Jie heard the news and quickly came over.

Ye Yu Xi saw Li Jie who came out and turned over to look at Housekeeper Li whi stood beside the City Lord’s wife.  This Li Jie and that Housekeeper Li looked similar. Could it be….the two of them were brothers?

Ye Yu Xi wasn’t wrong!  The Housekeeper Li beside the City Lord’s wife was called Li An and Li Jie who ran out to the yard was Li An’s little brother.

When the City Lord’s wife was in power, Li An had been the palace’s housekeeper and Li Jie was secretly dissatisfied with this.  He felt that if his big brother Li An wasn’t there, he would be the City Lord’s palace’s housekeeper. The relation between the two brothers kept getting worse and meeting now, it was like they were enemies.

“Li An, you have raided the City Lord’s palace, do you know what kind of crime this is!”  Li Jie could not compare to the guards. Although he was afraid of the two black clothed people, he did not believe that Blood Enchantress would be wild enough to make a move in the City Lord’s palace!

It turned out…..he was wrong……

“Housekeeper Li, is this person your relative?”  Ye Yu Xi asked in a soft voice.

Li An gave a cold snort, “He was, but this thing that secretly helps others, I regret asking the madame to take him in in the past!”

Ye Yu Xi’s lips revealed a smile under her cloak.  She was worried she couldn’t show off her power, but now it came to her.


Ye Yu Xi charged out and only used half her speed.  In front of the guards, Ye Yu Xi’s movement technique was incomparably fast.

She arrived in front of Li Jie in a few steps and grabbed his collar with one hand.

Li Jie could become the City Lord’s palace’s housekeeper, so he definitely had some power.  Although he wasn’t as high as his big brother Li An in the sixth spiritual level, he was still at the initial fifth spiritual level.

But at this time, Li Jie could only watch as the black clothed person became larger in front of his eyes.

He wanted to reach out to stop them, but he found that his hand was several times slower than the other side!

Ye Yu Xi grabbed Li Jie’s collar and seemingly not using any strength, she threw Li Jie in a circle before slamming him onto the ground.

She stepped onto Li Jie’s chest and looked over the guards not far away as she said in a cold voice, “Come forward at your own risk!”


Ye Man followed the guard to the back yard on the rooftops.

If she didn’t follow the guard and Ye Man searched by herself, she would waste quite a bit of effort.

In a few turns, they arrived at the courtyard the City Lord’s concubine resided in.

Without entering the room, Ye Man could hear bursts of a suppressed woman’s voice and the heavy panting of a man.

When the guard wanted to call out, Ye Man jumped off the roof.  When she was in the air, she slashed out with her sword and cut the guard’s neck.


Blood spilled out as the corpse of the guard fell onto the ground.

Inside the room……

Madame Ji was currently in bed with a large man when they suddenly heard the sound of something falling outside the door.

The man stopped the movement of his waist and looked at Madame Ji with a confused look as he asked, “What was that sound just now?”

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