Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: Is old brother satisfied?

The fatty could see Meng Zhi’s thoughts, but he didn’t mind because the benefits given by the boss were tempting enough.

“This matter isn’t as hard as you imagine it to be, Blood Enchantress doesn’t help everyone to kill anyone.  After this matter is over, the Blood Wolf Mercenaries will be able to work with the City Lord’s palace. Is old brother satisfied with this?”

Working with the City Lord’s palace.

There was a touch of joy in Meng Zhi’s eyes.  The other mercenary groups all had large trees to shade them.  The Blade Three that provoked him in the mountain before had the backing of the arena behind him, letting him act so arrogant.

If the Blood Wolves could work with the City Lord’s palace and had the shelter of the City Lord’s palace, they could become the biggest mercenary group in Ningyuan City in time!

“Alright!  I’ll do it!  As for the specifics, I still need little brother’s guidance…..”  Meng Zhi quickly responded.

This decision was the most correct decision in his life.


Ye Wen and the fatty followed Ye Yu Xi’s orders to organize the troops.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er just sat for a few hours before it was finally the set time.

The City Lord’s wife and Housekeeper Li had already prepared the horse carriage, they were just waiting for Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er arrived at the Silent House, giving a few greetings before sitting in the horse carriage with the City Lord’s wife.  Housekeeper Li drove the horse carriage as they headed to the City Lord’s palace.

“Young miss Ye, if today’s matters succeed, young miss Ye will be my City Lord’s palace’s benefactor!”  The City Lord’s wife still couldn’t believe it now. She had been lying in bed sick three months ago and her three months later now had a chance to head back to the City Lord’s palace!

“Madame doesn’t need to worry, everything has already been arranged.  Tonight’s matters are foolproof.” Ye Yu Xi comforted.

They arrived at the City Lord’s palace’s front gates.

Madame Li was supported out of the carriage by Housekeeper Li.  Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er put on the black cloak before getting out of the carriage.

“Who is it!”  The two guards standing at the gate coldly shouted out!

“Bastard!  You don’t even recognize the madame!  Quickly scram!” Housekeeper Li saw that these two little guards dared shout at his madame and he scolded back at them.

These two guards were not idiots.  Although they recognized her, so what?

The City Lord’s palace was controlled by Madame Ji, not Madame Li!

The guards gave a laugh of disdain, “Our City Lord’s palace only has Madame Ji, who is your madame?  Why can’t I recognize her? Quickly leave, not anyone can enter the City Lord’s palace!”

Ye Yu Xi heard the words of the guard and looked to Qing’er at the side.

Qing’er nodded and flew out.  She turned into a shadow that quickly appeared behind the guards.

Dong!  Dong!

The two guards couldn’t see what happened as the back of a blade hit their necks.  Their sight turned black as they fainted.

Knocking out the two guards, Qing’er gave a snort, “Cats and dogs daring to block my young miss’ path, not killing you is letting you off easy.”

Qing’er and Housekeeper Li opened the gate and Ye Yu Xi and Madame Li slowly entered the City Lord’s palace.

Not long after they walked into the front yard were they found by a group of patrolling guards.  The sounds of copper gongs rang out and after a while, there were the sounds of footsteps all around them.

Ye Yu Xi and Madame Li were not in a rush to find the City Lord’s concubine in the backyard.  They were waiting, they wanted the guards to report in!

As expected, with the City Lord’s wife’s high profile, it attracted a large group of guards.  However, these guards saw the black cloaks Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er were wearing and they all stood far away holding their weapons.

“What do we do?  The Blood Enchantress’ people, do we attack or not!”

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