Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: Is the third highness satisfied?

Now they were just missing the fatty.

After waiting for an entire hour, there was knocking on the door.  Qing’er went to open it and the one who in was not the fatty, but rather the City Lord’s wife and Housekeeper Li.

“Miss Ye, I can relax seeing that you’re fine.  What did you call us here for today?” Madame Li walked into the living room with Ye Yu Xi while asking questions and giving her greetings.

“There really is some matters today and madame will know soon.”  Ye Yu Xi sat in the main chair while avoiding the question.

Two main characters had come, but there was still one missing.  Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t “start the play” like this.

Without waiting long, after a few  minutes, the door was opened again.

The fatty had actually come with Mo Tian Chou and Housekeeper Qiu.  Other than these two, there was also a young master who judging by his appearance and aura was not a simple person.

But seeing the fatty’s twisted face that wasn’t too happy, it seemed like his invitation was not as smooth as Ye Wen’s.

Ye Yu xi came out of the living room and saw the fatty’s face before offering her greetings, “My subordinate doesn’t understand the rules, did he give young master Mo some trouble earlier?”

“Nothing, nothing, just a small matter between subordinates.”  Mo Tian Chou politely said.

“This is?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the young master behind Mo Tian Chou.  She could already guess the other side’s identity, but there was a time for acting dumb.

“Young miss Ye wouldn’t be planning to let us stand and talk, right?”  Mo Tian Chou said with a smile.

The third prince saw Ye Yu Xi asking about his identity and he gave Ye Yu Xi a faint smile as he nodded.

They arrived in the guest hall.  When Madame Li saw the third prince, she was a bit surprised.  She could already vaguely guess what Ye Yu Xi wanted to say and she was a bit more expectant.

Ye Yu Xi waved her hand at Qing’er standing at the door.  Qing’er came in with tea and then retreated.

“Young master Ye, do you not plan on introducing this guest beside you?”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.

These words seem contradictory, but actually she was warning Mo Tian Chou that she already knew the third prince’s identity.  They were just playing around and giving each other some face.

Mo Tian Chou was a smart person and gave a laugh, “Since young miss Ye has said this, I won’t avoid the topic.  This is the capital city’s royal family’s third highness. As for the rest, I don’t need to give anymore introductions.”

“So it was the third highness, this little girl has been rude, so I ask for your forgiveness.”  Ye Yu Xi’s smile did not fade. She kept sitting in the main chair and didn’t have any intentions of bowing.

The third prince saw Ye Yu Xi’s attitude and didn’t care.  He gracefully said, “Miss Ye is a straightforward person. Since this morning, the city has been filled with news on young miss Ye.  Only…..There are some things I don’t understand and ask miss Ye to explain.”

“Please speak your highness.”  Ye Yu Xi already expected the third prince to have words for her, but she never expected the third prince to be this direct.

The third prince looked at Ye Yu Xi’s face and said in a soft voice, “What is the relation between miss Ye and the assassin group, Blood Enchantress?”

The hall was silent for a bit and no one spoke as all their eyes gathered on Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi’s mind turned as her lips revealed a smile and she suddenly raised her hand!


A black card filled with spiritual energy flew at the third prince.

With a pu sound, a corner of the card hit the tea table’s surface.  The card slightly trembled.

The blood red rose and the silver skull clearly displayed the card’s meaning.

“This answer, is the third highness satisfied?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the third prince with eyes filled with smiles.

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