Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: I want…… (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi didn’t mention her relation with Blood Enchantress, but this card could represent many things.  As for what it specifically meant, that depended on the third prince’s thoughts.

The hall was silent again.

The City Lord’s wife sat on the side, watching the interaction between Ye Yu Xi and the third prince.  She wanted to say something to lighten the mood, but she found she had nothing to say when she opened her mouth…..This was because she couldn’t guess the situation at all.

The third prince swept over the black guard and his pupils slightly narrowed as his mind calculated: The Spiritualist Guild’s elder Chen said that the Blood Enchantress group had a ninth spiritual level expert at its helm.   Old seventh always had close relations with the Mingyue Sect and with old seventh, it was impossible for him to become close to the Mingyue Sect. Since Ye Yu Xi belonged to Blood Enchantress, it was better to pull in Ye Yu Xi…..

The third prince revealed a trace of seriousness.  He pulled out the card and placed it on the table, “Miss Ye is a shocking person.  In the Ice Mist Country, with your talent, miss Ye could be in the top ten genius rankings.”

As he said this, a flash of light appeared on his hand as the third prince took out something from his Space Ring.

It was a pure white piece of jade!

“When we met before, I didn’t have any good gifts for young miss Ye.  Although this Ling Tian Jade isn’t anything good, it is beneficial for one’s cultivation.  This spiritual jade is suited for a beauty, so this jade will be given to miss Ye.”

The third prince gave the jade to Mo Tian Chou beside him and Mo Tian Chou placed it in Ye Yu Xi’s hands.

Ye Yu Xi took the jade.  This Ling Tian Jade was cold in her hand and there was some spiritual energy within it.  She remembered some information on the Ling Tian Jade.

Ling Tian Jade: A jade that assists cultivation, increasing cultivation speed.  Top grade Ling Tian Jade can increase cultivation speed by one tenth. If it is worn from a young age, the effect is better.

Ye Yu Xi stroked the jade in her palm.  From this Ling Tian Jade’s size and quality, it wasn’t the best, but it was still worth several hundred thousand gold coins.

The royal family’s people were truly generous!

Without having enough time to give thanks, there was someone that came to the door.

Qing’er came in and said, “Young miss, the restaurant has sent the dishes over.  Do you wish to eat now?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded before looking at the third prince’s group, “My house has prepared some humble wine, I hope you all do not mind.”

The people were all clear on this matter.  They knew the meal was small and there was another matter.

With a few polite words, they moved to the dining hall.

At the table, these people didn’t move their chopsticks and waited for Ye Yu Xi to speak.

Ye Yu Xi gave a casual hand gesture, “Third highness, this is Ningyuan City’s Madame Li.  With the emperor’s poor condition, the princes are all aiming for the ruler’s position. I think that if the third highness can obtain the support of a City Lord at this time, it will be quite a bit of help.”

The third prince was silent once again.

The third prince thought about it and tentatively said, “Although this is my first time coming to Ningyuan City, Tian Chou has been taking care of the Primary Martial Auction Hall for me, so I do know a bit of things about Ningyuan City.  The City Lord is currently very ill and the control of the City Lord’s Palace is in the hands of the City Lord’s concubine, Madame Ji…..”

“Madame Ji is just a concubine.  Madame Li was ill not that long ago, so she stole control.  If sir City Lord’s illness is cured, the City Lord Token will be back in our hands.  Would it be hard for your highness to obtain the Ningyuan City City Lord’s support at that time?”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a slight curve.

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