Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: Huo Ling’s change

The seventh prince waved his hand as his voice filled with a trace of helplessness, “Call back all the watchers on Ye Yu Xi’s side and temporarily cancel the surveillance of Ye Yu Xi.”


Bai Jing Yi held Shi Ying in his embrace and finally arrived at his target.

The shadow was behind Bai Jin Yi, “Young master, the Medicine King Valley is in front of us.  Let’s go.”

“Un.”  Bai Jin Yi looked down at Shi Ying in his embrace and the bottom of his eyes revealed a trace of ruthlessness.

“Stop, who is entering the mountain!”  Two white clothed youths suddenly appeared from behind a tree.

“Arrogant!  You don’t recognize the young master?!”  The shadow angrily said.

“Greetings to the young valley master!”  The two white clothed youths quickly kneeled on one knee.

Bai Jin Yi looked at them and understood what was happening in his heart.  He carried Shi Ying who was almost in a coma into the mountains.


Ye Yu Xi’s group found a small inn and ate a few things.

When it was night, Ye Yu Xi had Qing’er call back Ye Wen and Ye Man.  Everyone would rest in the inn for a night and make their plans the second day.

Ye Yu Xi returned to her room and let out a long breath.  When Yan Hua appeared, it had somewhat surpassed her expectations, otherwise Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t have taken Ye Xing Yong’s palm.

Putting another Origin Returning Pill into her mouth, Ye Yu Xi sat on a stool and thought over today’s matters.  She suddenly thought of an important question.

When she wanted to call Huo Ling, she remembered that she had sent Huo Ling on a reconnaissance mission.  But thinking of the time, he should be back.

She spoke to Huo Ling in her mind, “Huo Ling, where are you?  Why aren’t you back yet?”

“Master….Wu, wu~~I am on the western mountain, I can’t find you all~~Have you been eaten by a wild beast….”  Huo Ling dumbly responded.

Ye Yu Xi stroked her forehead.  She had forgotten to tell Huo Ling to come to the inn…..

She quickly told Huo Ling the location of the inn in her mind.

Not long passed before Huo Ling flew in through the window and landed on the table.

Considering the fact that Huo Ling’s chirping could attract the attention of others, Ye Yu Xi directly brought Huo Ling into the chaotic space.

Entering the chaotic space, she couldn’t see Long Xiao Pang.  Ye Yu Xi was already familiar with this situation. Whether it was Huo Ling or Long Xiao Pang, they had much more freedom in the chaotic space than her.

“Huo Ling, what is the situation of the Ye Manor’s back mountain?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling who kept eating herbs as soon as he came in.

Huo Ling swallowed a large mouthful with some difficulty before he thought about it, “Wu…..They were just carrying people off and doing nothing else before heading back.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling eating herbs on the floor.  She thought of an important question and seriously asked, “Huo Ling, what happened today?”

“What do you mean?”  Huo Ling couldn’t understand, pursing his little lips as he responded to Ye Yu Xi.

“You flying with the fatty.”

Huo Ling heard his master mention this matter and immediately became spirited.  He stood up from the ground and gave some serious advice, “Master, let me tell you, you should have that damn fatty lose weight!”

Ye Yu Xi helplessly stressed, “I’m saying how do you have that much strength!”

She knew Huo Ling’s previous state.  Other than eating, it was no that different from normal birds.  However, the abilities Huo Ling displayed was equal to that of some low level spirit beast!

“Wu…..I think last time in the mountains, after I ate the Long Xiao Pang’s ginseng hair, I felt very uncomfortable.  Several days later when I woke up, I found that I was much stronger. If my guesses aren’t wrong, I should have evolved…..”  Huo Ling looked at his master with an innocent face.

Ye Yu Xi considered this.  Her strength was matched with Huo Ling’s and now that her body had the nine seals on it, Huo Ling’s strength was also suppressed by nine times!

After the release of the nine seals, what would happen?

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