Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 204

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Chapter 204: Seventh prince’s inference

Huo Ling to Ye Yu Xi could play the role of a surveillance plane!

When Huo Ling heard he had to head back to the Ye Manor’s back mountain, his voice filled with unwillingness, “Master, the Ye Manor’s back mountains are really far~~I carried the fatty for a long time to fly over here, this treasure doesn’t want to go……Unless you treat me to Wood Spirit Fruit the day after as well~~”

Ye Yu Xi helplessly nodded…..Ever since Huo Ling learned the magical art of bargaining, she had to spend double the cost each time she had Huo Ling do something for her…..

Huo Ling happily left and the Qing’er and the others waited for Ye Yu Xi to plan the next move.  This rest was temporary and the danger was not over yet, they couldn’t be negligent.

Ye Yu Xi looked over them and said to Ye Wen, “Ye Wen and Ye Man, go to our little yard and investigate the front and back, see if anyone is watching it.  Fatty and Qing’er, come and find an inn with me.”

After receiving their tasks, they set off in two groups.


In the Ye Manor’s back mountain, most of the people had already left, even the City Lord’s concubine brought the few sorry looking guards she had left back to her palace.  The Ye Manor’s people were cleaning away the corpses and blood all over the ground.

“Seventh, seventh highness, this, this.  This is Li, Li Yong’s, blade.” A stuttering guard picked up the cold glowing blade the fatty had thrown down before and walked in front of the seventh prince.

The seventh prince looked at the person in front of him and knit his brows, finally thinking of who this person was.  Several months ago, a group of guards had gone out to do something. When they returned from the Heaven Mountain Range, there were only two people left alive.  One had his eyes slashed and the other was this stutterer.

The seventh prince heard the stutterer’s words and focused on the cold glowing blade.  Li Yong was the guard who always stayed by the seventh prince’s side, so naturally the seventh prince recognized this blade, only why did this blade suddenly appear in the Blood Enchantress’ hands?

The cold glowing blade, the Heaven Mountain Range, Blood Enchantress, Ye Yu Xi…..

These things seemed unrelated on the surface, but the seventh prince suddenly recognized a few things between them and his expression changed!

Vaguely sensing something was off, he said to the stuttering guard, “Come with me, tell me everything that happened in the Heaven Mountain Range!”

In the study of the Ye Manor.

The stuttering guard related everything that happened in an hour.

The seventh prince waved his hand to dismiss the guard and his face was very serious.  According to what the guard said, the one using this blade was the fatty and their group of six included Ye Yu Xi.

At the Ye Manor’s back mountains today, there were only four Blood Enchantress members.  If Ye Yu Xi was also a part of Blood Enchantress, there was still one person missing. According to what the Spiritualist Guild’s elder Chen said, there was a terrifying ninth spiritual level existence in Blood Enchantress.

Adding all this together, the seventh prince came up with a conclusion he didn’t want to face, but had no choice to face!

Ye Yu Xi’s rise and the ninth spiritual level expert helping her who also made the assassin mercenary group, Blood Enchantress……

The seventh prince made up his mind: No!  He had to marry Jia Qiong as soon as possible and become a Mingyue Sect disciple!  He had to pay his respects to the Mingyue Sect’s grand elders. If Ye Yu Xi really had a ninth spiritual level expert behind her, his situation wasn’t good!  It seems like Ye Yu Xi could only live a few more days…..

The seventh prince called the guard at the door in.

“Seventh highness!”  The guard bowed after coming in.

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