Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: Retreat (Part 4)

“Senior, you can’t!”

At this crucial moment, an old voice sounded out and stopped Yan Hua’s actions.

“Un?”  Yan Hua angrily looked at the person behind.

When Yan Hua was fighting with the fatty, the various forces in the stands, as well as Ye Xing Yong and the seventh prince had rushed over.

“What do you mean by this!  Could it be you want to help Ye Yu Xi!”  Yan Hua shouted at the old man blocking him.  If he didn’t see the other side’s Spiritualist Guild clothing, Yan Hua would have directly attacked him!

Elder Chen of the Spiritualist Guild heard Yan Hua’s tone and knew that the other side had misunderstood him.  He took a step forward and explained, “Elder Yan, listen to me explain first.”

Elder Chen told everything that happened at the Spiritualist Guild that day to Yan Hua.  This should be a secret that wasn’t told to others, but this was now a special situation.

The Blood Enchantress group had a ninth spiritual level expert!  If their people were killed and the ninth spiritual level expert was angered, perhaps even the Mingyue Sect couldn’t withstand the consequences!  Not to mention a small Ningyuan City.

Elder Chen finished explaining everything and nodded to Yan Hua.  He was signalling to Yan Hua to let things end here. If things kept going, perhaps something else might happen.

When the seventh prince to the side heard elder Chen’s words, his face turned sinister.  It didn’t matter if this was true or not, the seventh prince knew that to obtain Yan Hua’s help today, it would be hard…..

Yan Hua took a cold breath.  Although he still had a trace of anger on his face, he was quite happy in his heart.  Luckily he didn’t hurt the assassin, otherwise if elder Chen’s words were true…..If the other side found the Mingyue Sect, the Mingyue Sect might really let him go to avoid offending the ninth spiritual level expert…..

Mingyue Sect, the reason why they could compete with the royal family was because of the two ninth spiritual level grand elders in the Mingyue Sect.

Thinking of this, Yan Hua looked at the seventh prince with unkind eyes and said in a deep voice, “Seventh highness, you can’t blame this old man for today’s matters.  How strong people with this kind of background are, your highness is also very clear.”

Yan Hua looked over Ye Xing Yong and the other forces who were watching the play.  No matter what, the other side had escaped from under his eyes and he had lost quite a bit of face.  He said with a sinister expression, “Seventh highness, Family Head Ye, I still have to bring Leng Qing to the Heaven Mountain Range to find a Beast Flame, so we won’t bother you anymore.  Goodbye!”

After saying this, Yan Hua brought the equally depressed Fang Leng Qing and the two disciples away, leaving the Ye Manor’s back mountain.

Ye Yu Xi had been escorted away by the Blood Enchantress group and the Mingyue Sect’s representative, alchemist Yan Hua had also left.  The various powers knew that Ye Manor’s rite of passage was over, but this result…..

The family heads all said a few words to Ye Xing Yong before leaving.

Ye Xing Yong looked at the mess and his heart filled with a deep helplessness.

Ten years ago, was he really blind?

Not mentioning how the Ye Manor cleared the ground covered in corpses and blood.  Ye Yu Xi, Qing’er, and the others kept running. They didn’t return to the small courtyard and ran all the way to West City, running to the cave they first met the fatty to hide out temporarily.

“Young miss, how are your injuries?”  Qing’er came back from drawing water and and simply helped Ye Yu Xi wipe off the blood on her body.

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