Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: Retreat (Part 3)

Ji, ji, cha, cha!

A bird’s call came from above.

Yan Hua and the others present didn’t find anything strange, but the fatty lying on the ground revealed a look of joy.  He thought: My little ancestor, you’re finally here!

The fatty laid there, revealing a large weak point to Yan Hua, but Yan Hua wasn’t in a rush to attack.  He just stood there and watched for movements around him.

Yan Hua was old and sly.  There was this same situation on that night a few days ago when he kicked the Blood Enchantress group’s people away.

In the end, there was a mysterious person that had sent him flying with a single kick when he went for the kill.  There might be someone secretly protecting the Blood Enchantress people, so it was better to be careful. Even if the person in front crawled up, he would still beat him!

Thinking this way, Yan Hua paused for a few seconds.

The fatty not far away stood up and his spiritual energy entered his legs, as he jumped high up.

“This is bad!  That brat wants to run!”  Yan Hua’s eyes turned cold as his lips revealed a trace of ridicule.

He was still young and inexperienced, didn’t he knew that the body couldn’t dodge in the air?

Attacking above from below was even more advantageous.

This situation would not allow the other side to escape, unless the fatty could fly!

He followed as he jumped into the air, following the fatty.

Fuck, he’s still chasing!

The fatty in the air saw Yan Hua chasing after him.  This old fellow’s reaction was quite good.

Yan Hua’s spiritual energy was much richer than the fatty’s, so he was faster than the fatty.

The fatty in his eyes became closer and closer.

The fatty looked down at Yan Hua chasing him and his lips drew back, as he gritted his teeth.  Fuck your mom!

Shua!  The cold glowing blade in his hand flew at Yan Hua’s head.

With the infusion of spiritual energy, the cold glowing blade brought a whistling sound.

Yan Hua’s face focused as he lifted his hand.  The iron stick appeared in his hand and with a ding sound, it blocked the downward falling cold glowing blade.

Just like this, Yan Hua began to fall down, but Yan Hua was not worried.  As long as the person above couldn’t fly, he definitely couldn’t run away!

The fatty looked at the cold glowing blade with a bit of reluctance.  He was quite used to using this blade over the past few days, but there was no better method with the current situation.

In front of Yan Hua’s shocked eyes, the person in the air reached his peak and began to fall down, but a bird appeared at this time!

The snow white little bird used its claws to grab the cloak of the person in the air.  Its two wings quickly flapped and it held the person in the air as it flew away while swaying!

Where did this bird come from?!  Yan Hua’s eyes popped open.

“Huo Ling, if you came a bit later, this fat master would have ended here.  Fly faster, that old man will catch up!” The fatty grabbed the cloak with one hand to stop himself from falling, while also looking down below.

Huo Ling’s little claws grabbed the cloaked as he chirped, “Damn fatty, you should lose weight!  If it wasn’t for my master, this treasure wouldn’t save you!”

Naturally the fatty couldn’t understand Huo Ling’s words and the man and bird swayed as they escaped into the mountains behind the Ye Manor.

At the martial arts field in the back mountains of the Ye Manor.

Yan Hua watched the man and bird leave with a sinister face after falling to the ground.  He regretted giving that person time to react, he should have taken his life when he was lying on the ground!

“Someone, come and chase with me!”  Yan Hua was fooled by someone and was feeling very dissatisfied.  With a wave of his hand, he went to chase with two disciples.

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