Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: Did you just insult me!

That feeling just now…..That instant, Shi Qing felt an ice cold blade sweep across his neck and it was incredibly chilling!


Shi Qing swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty.  This girl, she was definitely even more terrifying that the fatty!

“A single move is enough to take your life.”  Ye Yu Xi took one look at Shi Qing before turning around and returning to her room!

That leaf was left to float away on the wind.

Qing’er, Ye Wen, and Ye Man had eyes filled with stars.  They stared at Ye Yu Xi’s leaving image with eyes filled with awe, too handsome!  That turn and that disdain, that was called elegant and unrestrained!

Only the fatty’s reaction was different.

The fatty watched Ye Yu Xi leave and was a bit stunned.  He shouted, “No, boss! This, it’s over like this! Shouldn’t it be like this?”  The fatty made some gestures and some kicking movement, before pointing at the tree in the yard.  He said in his heart, shouldn’t you tie him up and ask him if he submits!

The fatty watched Ye Yu Xi leave and he shouted, “Boss, this isn’t right.  This treatment is different from what you used with me before!”

Ye Yu Xi ignored the fatty with a dissatisfied face behind her and entered the room.

Huo Ling was inside the chaotic space, hugging a bunch of herbs.  Hearing the fatty’s pitiful calls outside, he muttered to himself, “Good job master.  Humph, damn fatty, wanting to eat this treasure, of course it’s different. Die from anger, humph!”

While Huo Ling was muttering, Long Xiao Pang sitting beside Huo Ling holding two roasted chickens in his hands stopped moving.  His little eyes suddenly looked at Huo Ling and the bone that still had a bit of meat on it was thrown at Huo Ling. He said in a snappy voice, “Little dumb bird, did you just curse me damn fatty!”

Huo Ling had been muttering to himself when a chicken bone was suddenly thrown over and he was cursed at.  His little shoulder twitched a bit and his head was down as he looked at where the bone came from. When he looked up, Huo Ling’s little eyes were already filled with tears.

Huo Ling’s tearful eyes looked at Long Xiao Pang and his lips pouted together as he said in a tearful voice, “I~I didn’t!  Wa——”

Huo Ling forced out these words before sitting there and crying!  He also said from time to time, “Master~~Come quickly~~He is bullying this treasure!  Wa——”

When Ye Yu Xi closed the door, there was Huo Ling’s tearful voice in her mind.  Hearing this voice, Ye Yu Xi was no longer surprised. Since Long Xiao Pang entered her chaotic space, Huo Ling would cry once a day…..

With a flash of light, Ye Yu Xi entered the chaotic space.

When Huo Ling saw his master appear, he began to cry even more fiercely and the tears were simply endless!

“Stop, stop, stop!  First tell me what happened.”  Ye Yu Xi hugged Huo Ling who had thrown himself into her embrace, quickly comforting him.

Huo Ling did not stop crying in Ye Yu Xi’s embrace.  He used his little white finger to point at Long Xiao Pang not far away and spoke to Ye Yu Xi in a tearful voice, “Master, wu, wu~~I didn’t bother him and he threw a chicken bone at me, wu, wu~~Also it was a licked chicken bone, so dirty~~Wa——”

Ye Yu Xi heard Huo Ling’s crying and looked at his little white arm where there was indeed a grease stain.  She took out a silk handkerchief from her Space Ring and helped Huo Ling wipe it off as she comforted him, “It’s been wiped clean, it’s not dirty anymore.  Now, you’re not allowed to cry.”

Huo Ling didn’t care as he continued to cry, as if he didn’t see his master wipe his arm clean for him.

“Wa——Master, make a decision for this treasure——Wa——”

Ye Yu Xi gave a sigh, “How about this?  I’ll go out and buy a bunch of Spirit Grass for you later.  You’re not allowed cry anymore, alright?”

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