Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: You really think alchemy is that easy?

Ye Yu Xi was currently in the chaotic space, with sweat falling like rain as she refined pills.

“Little girl, your innate talent isn’t bad, you can refine a third grade Purple Thunder Pill this skillfully in this short period of time.  Un, this rabbit’s taste isn’t bad either. Little dumb bird, do you want to eat as well?” Long Xiao Pang was pointing at Ye Yu Xi while biting occasionally at the rabbit meat in his other hand.

“Humph, this treasure won’t eat things without spiritual qi!  Eating meat all day, you will be stuffed to death one day, humph!”  Huo Ling ignored Long Xiao Pang’s teasing. He turned his head and stuffed two bunches of herbs in his mouth before chewing it up.


After a batch of pills were finished, she had consumed most of the spiritual energy within her.  Ye Yu Xi saw that there were five silver purple pills inside the cauldron and let out a breath. She said to herself, “In terms of alchemy, I should be a third grade alchemist now!”

Long Xiao Pang’s ears piqued and heard Ye Yu Xi’s words.  He attacked her with his words, “This dragon master just gave you two words of praise and said your innate talent is good, yet you think alchemy is this easy.  A third grade alchemist can at least refine three kinds of grade three pills before they are recognized by the Alchemist Guild.”

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang, completely ignoring his verbal attacks.  Over this period of time, everyone was much more familiar with Long Xiao Pang.   This kid liked to make himself seem important and everything else was fine. So if you played along with him, there would definitely be benefits.

On this point, the shameless fatty full took advantage of this.  Ye Yu Xi wanted the fatty to be Long Xiao Pang’s big brother, so Long Xiao Pang would have a real identity, but the fatty was so shameless that after he received the sweet nectar Long Xiao Pang gave, he directly called Long Xiao Pang big brother…..

“Alchemist Guild?  There’s a guild like that?”  Ye Yu Xi asked in a curious voice.  She had never heard of this place before, even Ningyuan City didn’t have a place like this!

Long Xiao Pang finished the last bite of the rabbit meat and then sucked his little white finger, “You don’t know?  Alchemists that pass the Alchemist Guild’s test and receive the alchemist badge will be recognized by everyone.”

Ye Yu Xi listened to Long Xiao Pang explain many things pertaining to alchemists.  She felt that she needed to take a trip to the Alchemist Guild in the future.

The five pills in the cauldron were placed into bottles before Ye Yu Xi left the chaotic space with Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang.

The morning was relatively peaceful.  At least Ningyuan City seemed peaceful on the surface, but the large families seemed to have smelled something as they began to secretly ask around about the Blood Enchantress group.

Ye Yu Xi had been cultivating until noon when Ye Man knocked on her door.

“Come in.”

Ye Man walked into the room and said with a serious expression, “Young miss, the informants the Primary Martial Auction Hall sent have left.”

“Oh?”  Ye Yu Xi was curious about this in her heart.  These informants had been at their doors for quite a while, but she and the others had pretended everything was fine.  These informants only received limited information, but now they suddenly left…..

Ye Yu Xi suddenly thought of something and revealed a confident smile, “Big sister Man, go into the kitchen and tell Long Xiao Pang that there will be some guests over the next few days and he shouldn’t run out in the yard carelessly.  Also tell the fatty and Qing’er that they should live in Southern City for now, they don’t need to care about the matters at home for now.”

Ye Man left with a sound of acknowledgement.

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