Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Primary Martial Auction Hall’s business

Ye Yu Xi was playing with a bowl of tea in her hand, thinking about how she should deal with these “guests”.

It wasn’t that different from Ye Yu Xi’s expectation.  Not long after she finished eating, guests came to her yard.

Mo Tian Chou led Housekeeper Qiu and several subordinates came to visit and they were led to the living room by Ye Yu Xi.  Mo Tian Chou respectfully said, “Miss Ye, the days you weren’t in Ningyuan City, our Primary Martial’s business was affected.”

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh in her heart, instantly seeing through Mo Tian Chou’s little play.  She said, “Young master Mo is joking, the pills were refined by my two friends, I was just helping them receive the gold coins.  How could a small girl affect the Primary Martial’s business.”

“Miss Ye is too modest.  The Ye Manor’s rite of passage is in less than half a month, I think miss Ye shouldn’t have forgotten her promise with the Ye Manor’s second miss.  If miss Ye has anything you need, you can just say so. My name Mo Tian Chou still has some face in Ningyuan City.” Mo Tian Chou did not mind Ye Yu Xi’s unkind tone.

“Let’s not mention this.  Young master Mo came right in time, I went out with my two friends for training and I brought back two pills this time.  Is young master Mo interesting?” Ye Yu Xi’s hand hidden in her sleeve flashed and a white jade bottle appeared in her hand.

“Oh?  Is it the Purple Spirit Pill?”  Mo Tian Chou had a curious expression.

“Young master Mo will know when you see it.”  Ye Yu Xi’s wrist flicked and the white jade bottle flew at Housekeeper Qiu.


That white jade bottle was small, but it was incredibly fast.  Housekeeper Qiu’s expression changed and he used all the spiritual energy in his body.  With a pa sound, the bottle entered his hand.

“Young master.”  Housekeeper Qiu gave the bottle to Mo Tian Chou, quickly moving his hand behind him.

Housekeeper Qiu’s expression did not change,  but his breathing became a bit faster and the hand that caught the bottle behind his back was slightly trembling.

Mo Tian Chou opened the bottle and the medicinal fragrance spread it all direction.  It was different from the rich medicinal fragrance of the Purple Spirit Pill, it had a trace of wildness in it.  Housekeeper Qiu was also pulled in by this medical fragrance.

Mo Tian Chou looked at Housekeeper Qiu and the two of them both had deep shock in their eyes as they turned back to Ye Yu Xi.

“Third grade pill, Purple Thunder Pill.”  Ye Yu Xi said the pill’s name without any changes on her race.  She looked up at Mo Tian Chou’s shocked expression, “As for the difference between the Purple Thunder Pill and the Purple Spirit Pill, I don’t think young master Mo needs to me to explain.”


This was Mo Tian Chou’s first time losing his calm in front of Ye Yu Xi, not responding immediately.  He just sat there in thought for a short period.

There was a half minute of silence in the living room.

Mo Tian Chou slowly lifted his head and revealed a gentle smile to Ye Yu Xi, “Miss Ye, this pill is too important.  In order not to hurt the interest of your two friends, Ningyuan City isn’t worthy of auctioning this hall. This one has a suggestion, would miss Ye be willing to listen?”

“Young master Mo can just say it.”  Ye Yu Xi was interested in the decision Mo Tian Chou had made.  That move just now was reminding the other side that it was time for her to reveal power!

Mo Tian Chou took a long breath and his hand holding the white jade bottle used a bit more strength as he said, “Young miss Ye, I want to send people to bring this Purple Thunder Pill to our imperial city headquarters to auction.  I think this Purple Thunder Pill can reach the value it deserves there.”

Ye Yu Xi just sat there, not making a sound.

“Ke, ke.”  Mo Tian Chou saw that Ye Yu Xi was not replying, so he gave two awkward coughs before he continued to say, “Our Primary Martial Auction Hall can pay young miss Ye five hundred thousand gold coins as a deposit, we’ll give the rest to young miss Ye after the auction.  Look at this…..”

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