Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: Three more days

Inside the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

The third prince was sitting in a chair with a serious expression.  Mo Tian Chou and Housekeeper Qiu were cautiously waiting on the side.

“Third highness, these people are not weak.  Should we investigate their background?” Mo Tian Chou pointed at the portraits and black card on the table.  The portrait were Ye Yu Xi’s group wearing their cloaks! The bloody rose and silver skull on their backs were very noticeable.

The third prince’s finger tapped the table, “Compared to these black cloaked Blood Enchantress members, I’m more worried about him!”

Mo Tian Chou and Housekeeper Qiu followed the third prince’s finger.  The third prince’s finger was pointed at a different portrait, or accurately speaking, he was pointing at the white cloak with the silver dragon on it.

“In the Ice Mist Country, the dragon is the royal family’s symbol.  Other than royal father, even us princes do not dare wear this symbol on our bodies.  There are only two kinds of people who are brave enough to wear a dragon patterned cloak in a city.  The first is someone impatient to die and the second is someone with enough background, which one do you think he is?”  The third prince looked at the two of them with a profound look.

“This…..”  Mo Tian Chou was silent for a while.

Dong, dong, dong!

Knocks sounded on the door.

Housekeeper Qiu said, “Come in.”

A servant came in and knelt on knee as he reported, “Greetings to the third highness.  Reliable news has come in that young miss Ye Yu Xi has come back to Ningyuan City.”


Mo Tian Chou and the third prince looked at each other as their eyes filled with more disbelief.

The thoughts of both people were the same in this moment.  Could it be Ye Yu Xi’s group was the Blood Enchantress group!

Housekeeper Qiu waved his hand to have the messenger leave.

“Third highness, we…..”  Mo Tian Chou tentatively asked.

The third prince raised his hand and continued to think.  Ye Yu Xi, a waste young miss, could she really be leading the mysterious assassin mercenary group?  If she was and there was an alchemist behind her, that was too terrifying…..

“TIan Chou, how many days before the Ye Manor’s rite of passage?”  The third prince suddenly asked.

Mo Tian Chou was stunned, but he honestly replied, “There are still three days left.”

The third prince nodded, “Call back all the informants near Ye Yu Xi and send people to watch the movements of the Ye Manor and the City Lord’s palace.  Also prepare a gift. The Ye Manor’s rite of passage, we’ll go and give her our support.”


Bai Jin Yi was actually not standing in front of the window.  He was holding a teacup and sitting in a chair, with the shadow standing not far from him.

“Young master, the news on the young miss has been confirmed and the radius has been narrowed.  Other than that, the informant we sent to Ning Yuan City, the Dragon Snake Gang’s Qiu Yao Wu was killed by someone in their headquarters.”  The shadow reported what happened today.

Bai Jin Yi took a sip of tea without his expression changing, “Un, I already know about Qiu Yao Wu’s matter.  Is there anything else?”

“This subordinate found this in the secret room in the Dragon Snake Gang headquarters.”  After saying this, the shadow took out a scroll and a pill which he passed to Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi looked over the cultivation technique, quickly looking over it twice before revealing a faint strange look, “The introduction art to the Nether Poison Art?”

The shadow said again, “Qiu Yao Wu is the valley’s thirteenth elder’s branch family member, should we…..”

The shadow did not continue on.

Bai Jin Yi revealed a rarely seen stern look, “Let’s not worry about this now, we’ll talk about everything after we save the young miss.”

“Yes!”  The shadow retreated and the room fell to silence again.

Bai Jin Yi crushed the cultivation technique in his hand to pieces, as the sharp look in his eyes became stronger.  After ten years, you finally revealed something!

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