Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Eve of departure

After explaining some things to Long Xiao Pang, she left the chaotic space with Long Xiao Pang.

The fatty had been resting in the shade, preparing for the afternoon training when he saw Ye Yu Xi walk over with a little boy.

“Fatty, this child’s name is Long Xiao Pang.  He is your brother from now on.” Ye Yu Xi pushed Long Xiao Pang onto the fatty.

The fatty looked at the child wearing an apron in front of him before asking in a strange voice, “Boss, where did this child come from?”

“I picked him up.”  Ye Yu Xi was expressionless, as if she had really picked him up from the woods.

The fatty rubbed his nose with a look of disbelief.  Picked him up? This was the Heaven Mountain Range, low level cultivators possibly wouldn’t leave here alive, how could you pick up a small child in the forest…..

Long Xiao Pang walked beside the fatty in a familiar manner, “Little fatty, your craft is pretty good……”

“Ke, ke!”  Ye Yu Xi quickly coughed and cut off the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng.  If he kept talking, everything would be blown.

With the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng by their side, they didn’t feel any different in the beginning, but after two-three days, they found that their cultivation was ten times faster compared to before!

The speed of cultivation in the past three days was comparable to thirty days of cultivation before.

For the next month, everyone followed Ye Yu Xi’s strict training program and their strengths increased another level.  With the help of Long Xiao Pang, Ye Wen and the fatty even reached the fifth spiritual level. After their training, Ye Yu Xi even taught the sound transfer technique from the Poison Sect’s Secret Tome to the others.

After continuous training, their sound transfer skill become much stronger and their distance increased.  With Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation and the others’ cultivations, they could transfer sound to each other with a range of several hundred meters.  To Ye Yu Xi, this was enough for now.

Other than Bai Jin Yi who kept disappearing for a day or half a day, nothing happened to anyone else.  Ye Yu Xi had tried paying attention to Bai Jin Yi and planned on tracking him, even sending out Huo Ling to the air, but she found nothing.

After a day of normal training.

“Young miss, don’t you think that after Ye Man broke through to the fourth spiritual level, she’s beginning to speak less and less?”  Qing’er took advantage of her chat with Ye Yu Xi to report her findings.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Ye Man training by herself.  Ye Man had been training harder and harder recently.  Even when Ye Yu Xi and the others went to rest, Ye Man would continue training.

“Perhaps something’s on her heart.”  Ye Yu Xi looked away. It wasn’t likely Ye Man would betray them, she was training this hard because Ye Wen broke through to the fifth spiritual level before her.

Calculating the time, she found that it was only half a month before the rite of passage battle she agreed to with Ye Xing Yong and Ye Bing Fan.  It was time to return to Ningyuan City.

Before attending the rite of passage, there were some things that had to be taken care of.

“Go and call fatty and the others over.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

“Boss, what is it?”  The fatty walked over with sleepy eyes, clearly he hadn’t slept well.

Ye Yu Xi looked over everyone and coldly said, “We’ll have the final test this afternoon.  We’ll be returning to Ningyuan City tomorrow.”

“Really?”  The fatty instantly became spirited.

Ye Wen and Ye Man looked at each other with excited looks in their eyes.

They all knew that they would face a storm of blood after going back, but no one revealed a timid look.

The content of the afternoon test was relatively simple.

The fatty and the others would face seven adult Purple Thunder Monkeys alone and they would pass if they could defeat all the monkeys without being injured once.

Ye Yu Xi watched their tests from the side.  Other than Qing’er who had a talent problem struggling a bit, the fatty, Ye Wen, and Ye Man all easily passed the test.

At night, the moon was bright and the stars were out.

The fatty was leaning against a large tree trunk with a small monkey squatting by his knees.

“I’ll be going tomorrow, I’ll come back and see you when I have time.”  The fatty rubbed the little monkey’s head with a smile, revealing a bit of reluctance.  Although the training over these past two months were tiring, he didn’t need to face the various plots of human society.

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