Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: Profiteer, foodie, stuff yourself to death!

Ye Yu Xi put away four of the pills and put last one in her mouth.  She took a cultivation stance and slowly began to refine the medicinal power.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng shook his head and said in an adult’s voice, “Young people are truly anxious, the world is too impatient…..”

Pipa, pipa!

The naked eye could see streaks of lightning flashing around Ye Yu Xi occasionally.  

Opening her eyes again, Ye Yu Xi spat out a mouthful of polluted breath.  Her eyes were not sparkling at this time, but rather there was lightning flashing in them.

Fourth spiritual level!

This breakthrough was different from her breakthroughs before.  Ye Yu Xi had a deeper understanding of her power this time.

Feeling the explosive power inside her body, Ye Yu Xi revealed a cold smile.  Her strength now was enough for her to easily take care of a sixth spiritual level expert!

“You’ve refined the pill and your strength has broken through, isn’t it time to help me think of a name?”  The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng finished the final rabbit as he casually looked at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi considered it for a bit, “How about being called Long Yu?”

“No, it doesn’t sound good.”

“How about Long Zai Tian?”

“This sounds even worse.  Don’t think that this dragon master doesn’t understand anything!”

“I’ll keep thinking……”

Huo Ling looked at his master’s frown and muttered to the side, “Why waste so much effort thinking of a name.  Isn’t it fine to call it Long Xiao Pang or Long Xiao Can.”

[TL Note: Long Xiao Pang means little fatty dragon and Long Xiao Can means little dragon ginseng.]

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng’s eyes lit up, “That name is fine!  It’ll be that, it fits this dragon master’s personality.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng that had just made his decision with a bit of curiosity in her eyes, “You want to be called Long Xiao Can?”

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng shook his head, “No, I’m talking about the one in front!”

“Long Xiao Pang…..”  Ye Yu Xi gave a sigh.  The thoughts of the herb world could not be understood by normal people.

Huo Ling looked depressed as he muttered, “This treasure was just casually speaking…..I wasn’t trying to help you think of a name!”

“Don’t you think Long Xiao Pang is suited to this dragon master’s low key style!  Just call me Long Xiao Pang from now on.” The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng was in a very good mood, he finally had a name!

“Long Xiao Pang…..Long Xiao Pang…..”  Ye Yu Xi repeated those three words.

“Long Xiao Pang, you’ve lived for all these years, you should have learned to perfectly hide your aura, right?”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly had an idea. If she could find an identity for Long Xiao Pang, he could life outside which would help the cultivation of the fatty and the others.

Long Xiao Pang raised his head and proudly said, “Naturally.  This dragon master has lived for seven thousand years, if I didn’t have this bit of skills, I would have been caught already.  Wait, what are you doing!”

Long Xiao Pang was suddenly on guard against Ye Yu Xi.  He couldn’t feel any malice from Ye Yu Xi, but she had to be thinking of something for Ye Yu Xi to suddenly ask this!

“I’m planning to take you out, don’t you feel it’s boring in here?  Of course, if you help with our cultivation, you also need to tell us the method of hiding our aura.”  Ye Yu Xi directly said everything. Long Xiao Pang had lived for thousands of years, tricking him was not a wise choice, so she might as well reveal everything.

“This suggestion isn’t bad, but I have a condition!”  Long Xiao Pang was not someone who took losses, he couldn’t help for free.


Long Xiao Pang rubbed his stomach and said in a reminiscent voice, “Have that fatty on the outside roast fifty rabbits for me each day, not one less.”

Huo Ling heard Long Xiao Pang’s request and said while snorting, “Foodie!  Profiteer! Stuff yourself to death!”

Ye Yu Xi: “……”

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