Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Leaving the Heaven Mountain Range

Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey called out twice and its claws grabbed the fatty’s clothes in an unwilling manner.

Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi were sitting on the same tree.  This was the first time the two of them were sitting together peacefully like this.

“Your strength is still in the fourth spiritual level, but that Ye Bing Fan has already broken through to the fifth spiritual level.”  Bai Jin Yi looked forward without that evil smile and that teasing expression on his face.

Ye Yu Xi turned her head to look at Bai Jin Yi, “How do you know this?”

Bai Jin Yi matched her gaze, “Secret.”

“Ye Bing Fan…..I will make them pay the price!”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was determined as she tightly clenched her fists.  Although she was in the fourth spiritual level, if she faced anyone beneath the third spiritual level, she could defeat them with just her body’s strength.  If she used her spiritual energy, as long as she didn’t meet anyone in the seventh spiritual level, it was no problem!

Bai Jin Yi heard Ye Yu Xi’s tone and said nothing.  He looked forward once again and enjoyed the peace of the moment.

Ye Man was leaning against a tree by herself.  Even if Ye Yu Xi’s pills cured her injuries, her hands were covered in scars and calluses.  Her rough hands kept going to her sword. She had waited for this day for too long. When a vengeful person had enough power, her revenge would be crazy!


In the early morning, the sun was still rising and the birds were still chirping.

Ye Yu Xi’s group arrived at the meeting place they agreed on.

Looking around and seeing that no one was missing, Ye Yu Xi gave a nod before saying in a cold voice, “Let’s go.”

Zhi, zhi, zhi, zhi!

The little monkey blocked Ye Yu Xi and the others, shouting something and making gestures.

“It wants us to wait, the elder is going to get something.”  Long Xiao Pang was holding a cold roasted rabbit, eating while he was translating.  He was sparing Huo Ling from doing this.

Without waiting long, the Purple Thunder Monkey elder came from the direction of the cliff with a bag of woven vines.

Zhi, zhi!

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder gave the bag to Ye Yu Xi.  There were twenty-thirty Purple Source Berries in the bag.

Ye Yu Xi put the things away and gave her thanks.  Taking in a deep breath, she said in a cold voice, “Let’s go.”

Zhi, zhi!  Zhi, zhi!

The Purple Thunder Monkey elder gave a rallying call.

Several hundred Purple Thunder Monkey silently followed behind Ye Yu Xi’s group.  During this time, Ye Yu Xi’s group had used their strength, the fatty’s cooking, and various pills to obtain the trust of this group of monkeys.

Going to the mountains to train and being escorted down by a group of spirit beasts, this was the first time this was happening on the Purple Cloud Continent!

Their group silently left the Purple Thunder Monkeys’ gathering spot and arrived at the main road.  This was the fastest way to leave the mountain.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty and the others.  Other than Bai Jin Yi, there was a trace of redness to everyone’s eyes, “Run at full speed!”

With this order.

These people displayed the effects of their training and ran with all their effort, leaving shadows on the main road.

Leaving the Heaven Mountain Range, Ye Yu Xi’s group slowed down.  Although they kept moving, they didn’t use all their strength. They had used quite a bit of spiritual energy in the end.

“Boss, our horses are still at the Heaven Mountain Range inn, do we need to go get them?”  The fatty reminded Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and their group moved towards the Heaven Mountain Range inn at the bottom of the mountain.


While they were walking, there was the sound of fighting not that far ahead.  From the sounds of weapons clashing, it seemed like both sides were fighting for real.

“Fatty, Qing’er, go and check it out.”

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