Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: Continental treasure

The blue light revealed its original shape which was actually a little boy.  It was wearing a little green apron which had a dragon’s claw on it and even stranger was that it was a seven claws!

The little bow was currently grabbed in Bai Jin Yi’s hand, struggling without stop.  He loudly shouted, “Let go, do you know who this dragon master is!”

Although the little boy’s voice was immature, there was a faint trace of a dragon’s prestige in it!  Being near this little boy, one could smell the faint scent of an herb.

Bai Jin Yi was a bit surprised to see the blue light’s original form, especially the green apron the little boy was wearing.  After looking at the dragon claw on it, he revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. There weren’t many things that could pique his interest in this Ice Mist Country!

He floated down to the ground and the little boy in his hand kept shouting.  However, his little eyes kept looking around, trying to find an opportunity to escape.

“Stop looking, you aren’t as fast as me.  It’s not easy to find a Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng, I won’t let you run away!”  Bai Jin Yi put the little boy down and looked at him with a profound gaze.

When the little boy heard Bai Jin Yi’s words, his eyes revealed a rare serious expression.  He spoke in a proud voice, “Humph, I never thought a brat like you would know the origin of this dragon master.  Just like young kids like you say, rarely seen, rarely seen.”

A little boy was calling itself “master” and was speaking to an adult like speaking to a child.  If someone were to see this, they would call the kid crazy.

However, Bai Jin Yi did not care about this little boy’s proud tone at all.  Even when the little boy called itself dragon master and called him a child, he silently accepted it.

This was because Bai Jin Yi knew this little boy’s origin, or perhaps a part of his origin.

Bai Jin Yi recalled the information he had heard about the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng before.  It was third on the Purple Cloud Continent’s treasure rankings. It became a medicine after a thousand years, it obtained a spirit after three thousand years, it could speak the human language after five thousand years, and it could change forms after seven thousand years.  It was known as a continental treasure.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng was something all cultivators and spirit beasts dreamed of, but not only because it was a treasure.  Just from the side of cultivation, even if it was a waste, they could reach the level of a genius if they cultivated beside it.

It was because of this that a Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng was rarely seen.  Not to mention a seven thousand one, even a thousand year old one was rarely seen.  Moreover, once they’ve lived for three thousand years, they would form a spirit and could move by itself in the dirt, hiding from humans and spirit beasts.

Five thousand year old ones were as rare as legendary beasts and as for seven thousand year old ones, in the records of the Purple Cloud Continent, it had only appeared three times in billions of years!  Each time it had appeared, the various giants of the Purple Cloud Continent would wildly fight for it, creating a storm of blood. Countless spirits had died competing for the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng.

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng in front of him had already changed forms, so it was at least seven thousand years old.

“Brat, this dragon master just saved your life.  How about this, I…..won’t ask you to return this favour and you won’t say a word about seeing me.  We won’t have any relations, so goodbye!” The little boy acted very maturely, waving his hand as he turned to prepare to leave.

Bai Jin Yi’s Strange Flame wrapped around his hand, preparing to defend against the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng running away.  The scene from before flashed in his mind and in the last moment, that Dragon Snake did have a slight pause. It was because of that pause that allowed him to escape and use his flame blade to slice off the Dragon Snake’s head.  Like this, he really did owe him a life.

Since it was like this, I can’t let you leave!

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