Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Something in the stomach

“What are you doing, what are you doing!  Let me go!” Huo Ling chirped in protest.

But Bai Jin Yi ignored Huo Ling’s protest, using a bit of strength with the hand holding Huo Ling.

Huo Ling’s little mouth opened and he yelled without stop, “Pain, pain!  Let go of me! This little treasure is the space’s protective beast, you can’t……Wa——”

Finally, Huo Ling cried as expected.

Bean sized tears flowed down from Huo Ling’s little eyes without stop, dripping into Ye Yu Xi’s mouth.

When seven-eight tears dripped into Ye Yu Xi’s mouth, Bai Jin Yi finally gave a slight nod as he released Huo Ling in his hand.

Puleng, puleng.

Huo Ling flew away fearing for his life, this mountain was too terrifying.

Huo Ling circled in the air and taking advantage of Bai Jin Yi not paying attention, he fell onto Ye Yu Xi and entered the chaotic space.  He swore that if there wasn’t something good to eat, he wouldn’t come out again!

Speaking of this, it was strange.

After Huo Ling’s tear entered Ye Yu Xi’s mouth, the black colour on Ye Yu Xi’s skin gradually faded.  It began to ooze out of her skin like its nemesis was inside Ye Yu Xi’s body.

Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s sleeping appearance, Bai Jin Yi knew that she was fine for now.  Now, he just needed to give her a few pills when they went back for it to slowly completely heal.

Now, Bai Jin Yi still had other things to do.

This was the outer Heaven Mountain Range, yet this giant snake could turn into a Dragon Snake.  There must be a large opportunity here! Before the Dragon Snake died, it asked to spare him and give him a chance.  What Bai Jin Yi was about to do next was to find that chance.

After Bai Jin Yi let out three drops of golden blood, that cold face of his was clearly exhausted.  Losing those three drops of golden blood, to Bai Jin Yi was even more tiring than fighting the Dragon Snake.

Without having much time to rest, Bai Jin Yi found a relatively clean area and placed Ye Yu Xi down.  He carefully looked for the spiritual energy waves around him.

Un?  There’s something strange!

Bai Jin Yi could feel that everything was normal with the surrounding mountain, but inside the hundred feet body of the Dragon Snake, there was actually a faint spiritual energy wave like something was about to come out!

There was something in its stomach.

Bai Jin Yi placed one hand on the Dragon Snake corpse’s scales and sent a faint trace of spiritual energy inside.  His other hand held Ye Yu Xi’s dagger and he was prepared to slice open the Dragon Snake’s stomach.

Suddenly, Bai Jin Yi stopped.  Searching an area of several meters, he finally felt a different feeling.  It was here, the spiritual energy fluctuations were going up and down!

When Bai Jin Yi raised the dagger in his hand, the spiritual energy fluctuations in the Dragon Snake’s stomach changed position.

It’s alive!?

Bai Jin Yi revealed a serious expression.  In the Dragon Snake’s stomach, there was a living thing!

As if feeling Bai Jin Yi’s attention, the spiritual energy mass in the Dragon Snake’s stomach began to swim away, as if it was fleeing for its life.

Bai Jin Yi revealed an evil smile.  Want to run?

Taking two steps forward and throwing out the blade, the Dragon Snake’s corpse was cut in half.


A blue light flew out of the cut Dragon Snake.  It was moving very fast as it charged into the sky.

Bai Jin Yi still had a cold smile on his lips.

Bai Jin Yi’s spiritual energy turned into two wings behind him and he turned into golden light as he followed closely behind the blue light charging into the sky.

One on the left and one on the right without any order.

Bai Jin Yi waved his hand and a golden flame wall appeared in front of them, blocking off the blue lights path.

Still want to run?

The blue light was a bit stunned and it slowed down a bit.  Before it could change its direction, Bai Jin Yi had already grabbed it.

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