Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Bai Jin Yi’s hesitation

Before she fully fell down, there was an arm that caught her.

“If it was anyone else, perhaps they would not save me.  They would perhaps take my treasures before leaving.” Bai Jin Yi laid on the ground, holding the unconscious Ye Yu Xi in his embrace.  He looked at the night sky with clear eyes, it was hard to imagine that he was seriously injured just now.

Bai Jin Yi looked at this arm filled with silver needles and he revealed a smile, “This girl’s method of detoxifying poison is truly unique, you can actually use silver needles to seal one’s meridians.”  Spiritual energy filled his arm and the several dozen silver needles were blown out, falling to the ground.

Holding Ye Yu Xi with one hand and using his other hand to slap the ground, Bai Jin Yi bounced off the ground with Ye Yu Xi.  Bai Jin Yi looked down at the unconscious Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful face, revealing a rare gentle smile.

“What kind of woman are you?  Having this kind of killing intent at such a young age, but also disregarding your life to cure someone.  Could it be because I’m the one teaching you alchemy…..” Bai Jin Yi’s voice became softer, as if he was deciding something.

Just like Ye Yu Xi opening his mouth before, Bai Jin Yi raised Ye Yu Xi’s chin and slightly parted Ye Yu Xi’s sexy lips.

Bai Jin Yi’s black pupils turned into demonic dual pupils as he placed his finger on Ye Yu Xi’s lip.  The tip of his finger suddenly released a golden light as a wound formed. Bai Jin Yi released his spiritual energy as his body slightly trembled, as if something was leaving his body.

Di da, di da.

A drop of liquid came out of the wound on Bai Jin Yi’s fingertip and dripped into Ye Yu Xi’s mouth.  That liquid that dripped out of Bai Jin Yi’s fingertip was not the colour of blood, but it was golden, a golden drop of blood.

When the golden drop of blood touched Ye Yu Xi’s lip, it dripped into her mouth.  Although Ye Yu Xi was unconscious, when the golden drop of blood entered her mouth, Ye Yu Xi gave a weak moan in response, but she still did not leave her deep unconscious state.

When Ye Yu Xi had a drop of this golden blood, it was like tasting a drop of jade.  Her lips slightly quivered, showing that this golden drop of blood had a strong temptation to it.

Di da.

Three drops dripped into Ye Yu Xi’s mouth in total, but the black look to Ye Yu Xi’s face did not change much.  The Dragon Snake’s blood to the sixth spiritual level Ye Yu Xi was just too strong. Even with three drops of Bai Jin Yi’s golden blood was protecting her heart, it was just calming the poison.

Placing one hand on Ye Yu Xi’s forehead, Bai Jin Yi used his family’s secret technique to call through his mind, “Huo Ling, come out!”

Bai Jin Yi did not call out, but Huo Ling inside the chaotic space could hear Bai Jin Yi’s voice!

Huo Ling was scared and looking around to see no one, he finally reacted.  It should be someone calling him from outside. Turning into his little bird form, he appeared beside Ye Yu Xi.

Bai Jin Yi pointed at Ye Yu Xi’s lips and then simply said a single word to Huo Ling, “Cry.”

Huo Ling heard Bai Jin Yi’s words and he was clearly stunned.  Seeing his master, he chirped at Bai Jin Yi, “Cry? Why would I cry?  My master is not dead and I am a great space’s protective beast, I will not cry!”

Bai Jin Yi was too lazy to explain to Huo Ling.  This fellow had not finished evolving yet, so he did not know his own abilities.  Making a move as fast as lightning, before Huo Ling could even flap his wings, he grabbed Huo Ling in his hand and moved Huo Ling’s head towards Ye Yu Xi’s mouth.

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