Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Spirit beast pressure (Part 2)

That sound had only lasted for three seconds, but the faint pressure in the air lingered.

“Ai, boss, this situation is a bit wrong.”  The fatty swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.  Saying this, he pointed at the other side of the mountain.

It had to be said that the fatty’s senses were keen.  There was a vague spiritual energy fluctuation coming from the other side of the mountain, fluctuating in terms of strength.  The weaker cultivators like Qing’er and the others could not sense it at all.

Ye Yu Xi had not come to this world for long and because of her pills and constitution, although her speed of improvement was several hundred times higher than normal people, the degree of her spiritual energy could not match the people who always lived here.

Being reminded by the fatty, Ye Yu Xi closed her eyes to sense the spiritual energy change in the air.  As expected, the faint fluctuations came from the other side of the mountain.

“Huo Ling, come out.”  Ye Yu Xi called in her mind.

Huo Ling was sitting on the stage in the chaotic space, hugging a pile of herbs in his chest as he nibbled on them.  Hearing Ye Yu Xi wanting him to come out, his little face instantly became serious, “No need! Master, you can just tell me if there is anything, I can hear you.”

Ye Yu Xi took a long breath.  Huo Ling’s cute and serious appearance made it impossible for people to hate him!

“You are still a spirit beast, can’t you have a bit more courage!”

Huo Ling held the herbs in his hands and replied with a cute expression, “Ancient people say that between being dumb and brave or being afraid and protecting one’s life, I’ll choose the latter.  I am a good spirit beast, I will also choose the latter.”

“Who taught you this!”  Ye Yu Xi’s head was covered in black lines.  Huo Ling with his intelligence would definitely not say something like this.

“Wu——It’s that fatty beside you.  He also said that fight when you can win and run when you can’t, a lush mountain does not need to fear running out of firewood.  Master, that voice was so terrifying, why don’t we just run! I feel that Ningyuan City is more safe.”

She took a deep breath and forced her expression to be more natural.

Ye Yu Xi beckoned at the fatty beside her, “Fatty, come over……I want to talk to you about something.”

The fatty looked around, looking for the little monkey, so he did not notice the changes with Ye Yu Xi’s expression.  When he heard his boss calling for him, he quickly replied, “Un? Boss, what is it?”


Ye Yu Xi sent a kick out and kicked the fatty away.  She said to the fatty through gritted teeth, “If you keep speaking nonsense, do you believe I won’t beat you until you’re thin.”

The fatty rubbed his stomach that didn’t hurt at all.  He was secretly thinking that the boss did not use any spiritual energy, otherwise how could he get up so quickly.  But he was still confused, who had he offended! Why did she hit him as soon as he came over? Did the boss find out what just happened with Qing’er?

The fatty quickly promised, “I won’t dare next time, I definitely won’t dare!”

Only a few small things happened on Ye Yu Xi’s side.  On the other side of the mountain, it was not this simple.


After Bai Jin Yi’s figure was swallowed by the earth, there was a disgusting scent that wafted out.  With a wave of spiritual energy, the earth opened as a giant snake head with a wide mouth kept growing larger.

It had to be said that Bai Jin Yi was very calm.  Even in this dangerous situation, his expression did not change at all.  It was unknown when he used his power, but his body floated into the air and his foot tapped down on the giant snake’s mouth.  His body then moved several meters away, dodging the giant snake’s attack.

“Lowly human, disturbing my sleep.  You have to know what kind of consequences you’ll receive!”  The giant snake moved its body which was several hundred feet long.  Its snake head alone was two-three meters wide.

In front of the giant snake, Bai Jin Yi’s body size would be considered “humble”.  However, in terms of strength, it was hard to tell who was stronger!

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