Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Spirit beast pressure (Part 1)

Could it be the Purple Thunder Monkeys’ evolution is related to this dirt?!

Thinking of this, Ye Yu Xi bent down and grabbed a handful of soil.  Looking at it with the moonlight, it was of a normal colour. Placing it under her nose to take a sniff, there was nothing strange about it.  Ye Yu Xi even placed a bit of the dirt in her mouth to test it, but it was the same taste as any other dirt!

Strange, why would Huo Ling say there is a problem with this dirt?

“Huo Ling, think about it again.  Were you wrong about this dirt having a problem?”  Ye Yu Xi was quite skilled in medicine, being known as the “medical genius” in her previous world, but Ye Yu Xi couldn’t see anything strange with this dirt.

Huo Ling nodded without hesitation, “Wu, there is a problem, only…..Only, I still don’t know what the problem is……”

Zhi, zhi!  Zhi, zhi!

While they were talking a sharp voice called out.

“Master, they are asking if anything happened to us.”

Ye Yu Xi shook her head.  She looked at the monkey elder in front of her and asked the question in her heart, “Elder, what was that trembling just now?”

The monkey elder shook its head.  It said that this was the first time the monkeys met this kind of thing.  They had lived in these woods for several hundred years and nothing strange had ever happened in these woods.  This was the first time.

The forest was getting louder and louder.  It was no longer just the shouts of the Purple Thunder Monkeys, the roars of various beasts were also ringing out.

Ye Yu Xi considered the current situation.  She didn’t know if this world had things like earthquakes, but even if there wasn’t, that trembling was too coincidental!  It was as if only this mountain had shook and the surrounding mountains were all calm without any beasts roaring.

Si, si——

While everyone had a frown on their face, a voice that was ice cold could be heard.  When most of the Purple Thunder Monkeys heard this sound, they couldn’t help shivering.

When Ye Yu Xi heard this sound, she also felt like she had fallen into a cold pool of water, causing her entire body and soul to be frozen.

For a while, the forest was silent which was very strange.

It was like everyone was waiting for a certain moment.


The voice that made people unable to not feel cold rang again and this voice seem to be coming from the sky, but also seemed to be coming from the ground.  It directly entered into people’s hearts and was filled with an evil feeling.

Ye Yu Xi clenched her fists and forced herself to keep her consciousness.  The voice was much clearer this time, it was like a dragon and snake. One thing that was certain was that this voice was filled with rage.


When the voice rang out, Huo Ling’s little eyes turned into circles and he immediately said, “Master, first resist it.”  Then flames appeared on its body before it disappeared.

Huo Ling did not even ask for Ye Yu Xi’s agreement as he directly entered the chaotic space, turning into the little boy.  He kept using his snow white little hands to rub his chest, calming down his shocked heart. He muttered to Ye Yu Xi, “Master, don’t you want to come in and hide?  Damn, that feeling is too terrifying.”

Ye Yu Xi: “……”

Putong, putong!

When Huo Ling entered the space, a few lower cultivation Purple Thunder Monkeys fell to the ground after hearing this side, directly losing consciousness.

Even the higher cultivation monkey elder did not have a good look on its face as it faced the pressure within the sound.

Its body slightly trembled and it was clear it was drawing support on something to block the pressure in front of it.

After two seconds, the monkey elder fell to the ground, succumbing to the pressure.  Behind the monkey elder, there was not a single Purple Thunder Monkey standing, all bowing on the ground.

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