ENL Chapter 131

Sorry about the delay and I hope everybody has enjoyed their summer! Here’s a chapter today and I’ll try to get two up tomorrow. I’ve also made a character list for those who wanted some help jogging their memory. 😀

Chapter 131 – If You Can’t Speak Normally, Then Shut It (4)

Character List

The character list can be accessed from the table of contents and I’ll be sure to update it with new information as I go along. However, since I want to try and keep the spoilers to a bare minimum, I’ve pretty much only provided the known information from when they are introduced.

En, aside from that, there’s really nothing else I’ve got to say. I’ve pretty much spent half of my summer recovering from two gout attacks and the side effects of the medication used, so I’ll try get some chapters out to make up for the time lost.

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2 Responses to ENL Chapter 131

  1. Axiom says:

    Thanks for the chapters, i hope you’ll get better so you wont need medication or anything else 🙂
    Love from Sweden

  2. marlfox7 says:

    thankful that you’re back with more chapters, but please remember to take care of yourself while translating. Don’t push yourself to keep to schedule or making things up at the cost of your health until you’re sure you are able to do so without worry. It’s good enough knowing that you’re still alive, and as a bonus, translating for us.

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