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JI FENGYAN (季风烟): Main character. A powerful cultivator from the 24th century Earth who had crossed over into another world when she failed her Heavenly Tribulation. Her new body is fourteen years old at the start of the story and is a life exterminator. Now, she is the future city lord of Ji City and heads there for purposes of her own. Currently a member of the Ji Clan.

LIU HUO (流火): ???. A mysterious youth whom Ji Fengyan saved during her journey to Ji City. His age is unknown and he exudes a demeanour far more mature than his appearance might suggest.

LING HE (凌鹤): Ji Fengyan’s head guardsman. A burly man who wields a heavy sword. He is a veteran who had followed Ji Fengyan’s father onto the battlefield. Now he stays by Ji Fengyan’s side and loyally serves as the leader of her guards.

ZUO NUO (左诺): Ji Fengyan’s guardsman. A veteran who had followed Ji Fengyan’s father onto the battlefield. Now he loyally stays by Ji Fengyan’s side to assist and protect her. Works as an amateur blacksmith during his free time.

YANG JIAN (杨戬): Self-automated puppet. Created by Ji Fengyan at first to help with mining, he is fuelled by her blood. Due to his innate advantages, he posses immense strength and excels at combat. Named after a certain god in Ji Fengyan’s previous world.

HOWLING HEAVEN HOUND (啸天犬): Yang Jian’s future mount and battle companion. A dark night devil wolf caught by Liu Huo and given as a gift to Ji Fengyan. Their race is known for their powerful combat abilities and ferociousness. Its name was forcefully changed by Ji Fengyan to suit her tastes.

BAI ZE (白泽): Ji Fengyan’s future mount and battle companion. A regular white deer that Ji Fengyan had rescued from imprisonment. It’s now being fed a constant supply of medicinal pills by Ji Fengyan to help it break past its limits. Named after a certain divine beast from Ji Fengyan’s previous world.



SU LINGSHENG (苏苓苼): The Eldest Princess’s aide. A pretty girl entering as Lei Min’s new fiancée, she posses the rare ability to sense certain ores. Dislikes Ji Fengyan.

LEI MIN (雷旻): Young City Lord of Ji City. A handsome young man who is aquatinted with the former Ji Fengyan from several years ago, he is her fiancé. Due to his dislike for her, he wants to replace her for Su Lingsheng. Lei Xu’s son and a member of the Lei Clan.

LEI XU (雷叙): City Lord of Ji City. A middle-aged man who rules over Ji City. He is in a secret cooperation agreement with the Eldest Princess. Lei Min’s father and member of the Lei Clan.

THE ELDEST PRINCESS (大公主): Eldest daughter of the current emperor of the empire. Not much is known about her at the moment aside from the rumours that she is staying near Ji City for a certain purpose.



THE GRANDMASTER (国师): Grandmaster of the empire. A mysterious person who is rumoured to be currently staying near Ji City to recuperate from an unknown injury.

GONG ZHENGYU (宫徵羽): Young Master of the mysterious merchant group. A pale and sickly handsome young man who leads the merchant group that passes by Ji City each year. He collects rare ores for an unknown purpose.

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