Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 990

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Chapter 990: Aged vinegar

“What does it matter if others look down on me, I don’t care at all!  Your son only has one hope in this life and that is to marry her! As long as she is with me, I don’t care about anything else!”  Mo Chuan’s lips curled into a faint smile.

That smile was like a heart in Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart.  She never thought that even though her son was about to die, he could still smile like this.

“Could it be that in your heart, nothing is more important than her?”  Empress Dowager Zhou said in a hoarse voice.

Mo Chuan only smiled and didn’t respond.

But this already told Empress Dowager Zhou his thoughts.

“For her, you don’t even want your life, so what else can this widow say?  Chuan’er, why were you in such a rush to drink that poisonous wine? Between us mother and son, is there anything we can’t discuss?  You…..If you die like this, what will your mother do from now on?” Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes filled with tears again.

Mo Chuan’s face instantly lit up.

“Mother, you’re allowing your son to be with her?  You won’t force your son into getting a divorce? You…..”

There was suddenly a stir in his stomach and he couldn’t stop himself from throwing up.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face fell in fear and she said while crying, “Chuan’er, as long as you’re fine, mother will agree to anything.  You can marry whoever you want to marry, you can be with whoever you want to be with. Mother won’t force you into doing anything you don’t like anymore, as long as you are still alive.”

She while patting Mo Chuan’s back while shouting at Su Jin, “Quickly call doctor Zhang!  Quickly!”

However Su Jin suddenly revealed a smile, “Please forgive me Empress Dowager, what this servant brought over just now was not poisonous wine.  The emperor will be fine.”

“It’s not poisonous wine, then what is it?  Why would the emperor feel this kind of discomfort drinking it?”  Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help being stunned as she revealed a look of disbelief.

“That was a bottle of aged vinegar.  The emperor suddenly drank that much vinegar, he will definitely feel a bit of discomfort.  This servant will boil a large pot of tea, that will help the emperor digest the vinegar.”

Su Jin stood up and quickly ran out.

Empress Dowager Zhou looked at her leave, being angered into a daze.

Mo Chuan patted his chest, feeling angry and finding it funny.

His internal strength was deep, so even if he really drank poisonous wine, he could still force the poison out.  So that was why he drank the bottle of wine without any fear.

But he never would have thought that what he drank wasn’t poisonous wine, but rather aged vinegar!

“Mother, do you regret what you said?”  He felt Empress Dowager Zhou’s hand patting his back moving away and he forcefully grabbed it.

Empress Dowager Zhou gave a snort, “You are the emperor, your word is like gold.  Could it be that this widow’s words aren’t the same?”

Mo Chuan was instantly filled with joy, “Many thanks mother!”

Empress Dowager Zhou held his hand.  The tears in her eyes hadn’t dried yet, but the pain in her heart had scared her back to the right path.  She knew now that she could lose everything, but she couldn’t afford to lose this son.

“Only it’s the empress’ coronation tomorrow and she has to show herself then.  Which one the ministers don’t recognize her? Could it be you want her to pretend to be a cripple and wear makeup in front of the ministers forever?”  She couldn’t help speaking in a worried voice.

“Mother can be assured, your son will have her appear openly in front of everyone.  As for everything else, your son doesn’t care.” Mo Chuan firmly said.

Empress Dowager Zhou gave a deep sigh as she knew that her son had already made his decision.  As for the rumours or the ridicule, he didn’t care at all.

But even if her son didn’t care, how could she not care as his mother?

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