Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 989

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Chapter 989: No antidote

Empress Dowager Zhou took a deep breath and made her decision, “Good, if you don’t get a divorce, this widow will die for you to see.  Su Jin, get the poisoned wine!”

“Empress Dowager!”  Su Jin’s face turned white in fear and she spoke in a trembling voice.

“Go quickly!”  Empress Dowager Zhou said in a sharp voice.

Su Jin was helpless.  She could only go out and after a while, she came back with a bottle of wine, cautiously walking over.

Mo Chuan’s chin tensed and he looked at the poisonous wine in Su Jin’s hand, not saying a word.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart turned cold and all she felt was despair.

“Bring it over!”  She reached out towards Su Jin.

Su Jin’s legs were trembling.  She looked at Empress Dowager Zhou before kneeling down in front of Mo Chuan.

“Emperor, why don’t you just comply with the Empress Dowager.  Could it be you can watch the Empress Dowager…..drink this poisonous wine?”

Mo Chuan looked up with a decisive look in his eyes.

“Mother, you don’t need to force your son.  Your son has already said that even if I die, I will not separate from her!”

Empress Dowager Zhou was shaking as she glared at Mo Chuan and said through gritted teeth, “This widow is not forcing you, this widow is just regretful!  This widow shouldn’t have given birth to such a rebellious son! Even if this widow dies, this widow has no face to see the ancestors!”

She snatched the poisonous wine from Su Jin and opened the cap, placing it to her lips.

Mo Chuan’s right hand came out and before the wine came out of the bottle, he had already stolen it from Empress Dowager Zhou’s hands.  He raised his head and poured the poisonous wine into his mouth.

That poisonous wine cut his throat like a dagger and Mo Chuan had a strange feeling running through his abdomen.  It was like his visceras were being melted by the poisonous wine and he couldn’t help wincing.

His movements were very quick.  Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin didn’t practice martial arts, so they could only watch him drink all the poisonous wine and couldn’t react at all.


Empress Dowager Zhou’s face paled and a heart rending pain filled her chest.  She threw herself onto Mo Chuan with two streams of tears flowing down her eyes.

She wanted to use death to scare her son, but she never would have thought that her son would steal the poison and drink it in front of her.  Her heart shattered in fear and her soul flew away.

“Su Jin, quickly, quickly, quickly, get the antidote!  Quickly, quickly, quickly, call doctor Zhang!” She was crying while calling out in an incoherent voice.

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, this is the most powerful Red Crane poisonous wine, it…..it has no antidote.”  Su Jin reported with a pale face.

“You…..You…..Who told you to bring out real poisonous wine!  This widow only wanted to scare the emperor, I wasn’t really drinking the poisonous wine.  You, you, you…..” Empress Dowager Zhou was tongue tied as she was filled with anxiety and anger.  She was angry at Su Jin while also worrying about her son.

“Quickly call doctor Zhang over!”

“No need!  Even if doctor Zhang came, your son definitely would not see him!  Mother, are you satisfied seeing your son like this? You want your child to die, right?”

Mo Chuan drank the poisonous wine and felt discomfort in his abdomen.  He forcefully grabbed Empress Dowager Zhou’s hand and looked right into her eyes.

“Nonsense, how could mother want you to die!  You are flesh that came from your mother! Chuan’er, your mother is doing what is good for you no matter what your mother does!  Why can’t you understand your mother’s heart? No matter how good the Chen Family’s girl is, you cannot marry her! You would become a joke to the world and all the ministers will look down on you…..”  Empress Dowager Zhou was choked up and she couldn’t speak anymore.

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