Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 987

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Chapter 987: Paper can’t wrap the fire

This He Shou Zhen was a carp that turned into a dragon, going from the seventh grade to the fifth grade, as well as becoming the imperial guard’s vice commander.  He was so happy that he felt he was in a dream, his lips couldn’t close together from his smile.

When he guarded the gates, he had to bow his head when he saw people.  Now that he had become the imperial guard’s vice commander, anyone who saw him had to respectfully call out, “Vice commander He.”

As he was a new official, he kept receiving toasts each day.  Other than when he was on duty, he was at a banquet almost every day.

Zhui Feng followed Mo Chuan’s orders and kept tailing him.  He reported the people he saw and spoke to each day to Mo Chuan and Chen Ning without missing a single detail.

After following him like this for two days, he didn’t find anything strange at all.

Chen Ning was not anxious, telling Zhui Feng to patiently keep following him.  She was confident that after a while, the big fish wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer and would take action again.  At that time, she would definitely be able to grab the other side!

At this time, there was quite a bit of trouble being raised in the palace.

The so called paper couldn’t hold fire.  Chen Ning had already suspected that her identity couldn’t be hidden from Empress Dowager Zhou for long.

The calm days passed for three days and the empress’ coronation day had arrived.

According to customs, the coronation would be held the day after the emperor and the empress’ wedding, but because of the incident in the nuptial chambers, it was postponed for three days.

On the eve of the coronation, Empress Dowager Zhou sent Su Jin to bring the royal family genealogy records.  This was because tomorrow was the coronation and she found that she still didn’t know the empress’ name.

She flipped through the genealogy records and finally found this secret.

She looked at the two words in the records and almost didn’t believe her eyes.  She kept rubbing them and when she was sure that her eyes were fine, she clearly found that it was still the same two words, “Chen Ning”.

These two words were personally written by Mo Chuan.  Those elegant and familiar words, how could Empress Dowager Zhou not recognize them?

“Su Jin!”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s sharp gaze swept over, “Tell this widow, what is the name of the emperor’s new empress!”

Su Jin already expected this question when she went for the royal family genealogy records.  Faced with Empress Dowager Zhou’s questioning, she lowered her head and replied in a low voice, “Reporting to the Empress Dowager, the empress’ name is Chen…..Ning.”

“Good!  Even a maid like you is colluding with them to trick this widow!  Su Jin, this widow has really cared about you for nothing!”

Empress Dowager Zhou was filled with rage as she threw down a cup.

Su Jin quickly kneeled down, “Empress Dowager, please calm yourself.  This servant didn’t hide it from the Empress Dowager deliberately.”

“You didn’t do it deliberately?  Then you already knew? Speak, when did you find out that the empress the emperor wanted to marry was that girl surnamed Chen!”  Empress Dowager Zhou angrily said.

“This servant…..knew before the emperor’s wedding.”  Su Jin knew she couldn’t hide it, so she told Empress Dowager Zhou about everything.  After she finished speaking, she was still hanging her head down.

“Empress Dowager, this matter was this servant’s fault.  This servant hid it from the Empress Dowager, not telling the Empress Dowager that the bride was miss Chen.  It was because this servant couldn’t bear to see them separated. The emperor is serious about miss Chen and it was hard for them to get together, so I beg the Empress Dowager to support them!”

Empress Dowager Zhou was shaking from her rage.  She raised her dragon headed staff and slammed it down on Su Jin’s back, causing her entire body to twist from the hit.

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